New Pharmacy Delivery Procedure in DIAD

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    I was just wondering if anyone else has run in to this while delivering to a pharmacy. I had 10 pkgs for the outpatient pharmacy at our local hospital and the stop had a "!" next to it so I knew there would be a note w/instructions for this delivery. There was--when I scanned the first box, a note came up that said "Del to pharmacy". Scanning each of the remaining boxes produced the same note. The problem with this is you have to basically hit the scan button twice for each box--one push of the scan button clears the note and the second push actually scans the package. After I had delivered the pkgs and was getting ready to complete the stop, another note came up: "Did you deliver to pharmacy?" and you had to press Y or N accordingly before you could complete the stop.

    I know that there is an emphasis on proper delivery to pharmacies and had just completed the DIAD training on this but I have to say that I think what I went through on this delivery was a bit much.

    Has anyone else run in to this yet and, if so, I'd like your opinion(s) on it. Thanks.
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    yup, new feature. it would seem that some drivers take the training on new methods, and then go out and do things like they always have in the past.

    this way, the company has all the needed paperwork should you screw it up to take progressive action on those drivers.

    drug misdeliveries are something ups takes very seriously. unless we improve our service then we lose the business.

  3. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Thanks for the information.
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    I deliver to a few pharmacy's as well, upstate, and it's the same as you. I don't really see a fix, as each package has it's own barcode and info, which would make the delivering to pharmacy note pop up over and over. Guess it's just UPS's way of playing it safe rather than sorry.
  5. dannyboy

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    in our building there have been a series of issues involving grocery chains that now have a pharmacy in them. in the past drivers have left the delivery at the back door with anyone that would sign for it.

    not any more. not with all the problems with controlled drugs disapearing from our system, or packages that the customer claims we never delivered.

    i recall a driver that got busted. he would deliver to the drug store, they would count the deliveries, and sign for the packages. he would then drive off. at the next stop, he would scan a package that contained the drugs he was after, and then stop complete. thus, he would claim he delivered the package, but instead he would walk off with the drugs.

    last i heard he was still in jail.

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    The longer it takes the more you make. I am sure you will agree that you should simply do as you are told and don't let the extra time bother you. It will be okay.
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    We haven't started that yet that I know of. Of course, I was on vacation last week. We did have the diad training 2 weeks ago and I thought it was funny that the training said we were to stop complete - pharmacy. We don't have 'pharmacy' as an option. I had to laugh.
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    Option #9 is pharmacy, here. Hey dilli? What does dilligaf mean, anyways. Saw a pick up truck with that written on the tailgate the other day.
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    Wow....good insight!
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    Do I look like I give a f#@k!
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    dilligaf-do I look like I give a f____
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    is there an echo in here:peaceful:
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    Steve, I was told by a little birdie about urban dictionaries (online). It's quite effective when you run across a term that you don't know. I have used it a few times. :happy-very:
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    Thanks!!! But dilligaf? Ha Ha Ha.... Did I use it right?
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    The way it was explained to me by the manager of walgreens is that the drugs are controlled substances, and by law, can only be handled by pharmacists. At the time I thought it was BS.
  16. wornoutupser

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    If this is true, why are we allowed to DR the same drugs at a house? It all falls back to the driver if some kids picks up the package. I have had a problem with this for years and I was told DO NOT get a signature for these packages.
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    If you make a safe delivery it does not fall back on the driver. It falls back on the company that employs the driver and instructs him on what to do.
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    I do not know why we DR drugs but have to go to the pharmacy to deliver them. It was not explained to me in a polite conversation, more of a yelling match.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    There is nothing worse than waiting in line at the pharmacy while the pharmacist explains how a drug is to be taken and the questions they have to answer. When you have like 5 people in front of you you feel like yelling READ THE ****** LABEL!!!!!
  20. dannyboy

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    not all drugs are controlled drugs.

    if you are delivering one of the controlled medications, you will be required to get a signature.

    for other types, no.

    i too think that ups should get signatures on all pharmaceuticals delivered to a residential stop. but not my call