New Phoenix airport employee

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by 747-400, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Well I can finally wear a DBacks hat without having folks throw rocks at me. Nicely done Arizona.


    I guess I'm a new employee. The reason I say "guess" is that I went to the tour last week, came back the second day for an interview was told that they would run my background check. Today, I completed all the online forms. So... I'm assuming I'm hired. Hopefully I'll get a call next week.

    I applied to work out at the airport. Loading and unloading aircraft.

    Anyone here do this? Can anyone give me any advice particular to the Phoenix Airport Facility?
  2. 747-400

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    Cool... uh... what an amazing and unexpected response. Somebody have somethin' against the Dbacks?
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    Congrats on getting hired by UPSCO.

    Stand back an observe this forum, I don't know many UPSCO employees on Browncafe.

    Few here would understand what an A-1 can is or what ULD stands for in your world.

    Just be glad you are in the Southwest and you may never see your A/C slide off the runway due to ice.