New to delivering, suffering leg pains


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Just a quick question. Been delivering for about three weeks now and after about three days I’ve started to notice some serious leg pains from my knees down to my ankles on both legs. I was curious has anyone else suffered this kind of pain when they first hit the road? It gets worse at night when I’m not moving it seems like, a full night of sleep is a thing of the past since dealing with this issue. I pop some BC powder and push though because I want to qualify and I haven’t been there for my 9 months to get medical (feb). Don’t expect anyone to hit me with medical advice, just wondering if anyone can relate? Have a blessed day.


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You are working at a pace that your body was not accustomed to. Those aches and pains will go away, only to be replaced with more permanent ones as you get closer to retirement.


For sure. On the later side of my 30s here and if I get lax about my methods a couple days in a row, my knees remind me. I've learned to be careful getting out of the pkg car and going down stairs. You might try getting out of the pkg car 'backwards', e.g., less impact on your joints. And definitely avoid heavy carries as much as possible; let your handcart take the beating. Careful with dock stops, e.g., climbing up into the warehouse and back down in the pkg car. Etc etc etc.

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I didn’t get the leg pains but boy did my wrist joints and every finger’s ligaments and knuckles ached for my first 2 years it seemed from trying to grip the Diad and carry multiple packages all day long. The pain went away, but there were always aches and pains during my package years. Honestly, they were good, honest aches and pains. The kind that made getting into a clean bed next to my soft spouse the most treasured moment of the day.

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Here is a picture of the same shoe without the heel covering.