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    Hey everyone, I just found this forum and have a few questions about UPS. I was just laid off as a DHL driver and was considering UPS, but I have heard that approx 80% of the drivers worked P/T sorting for a few years before getting a F/T route positions. So that's not an option yet.

    Anyhow, how do any of you juggle your P/T UPS sorting job with another P/T job? It looks like the second job would have to be a lot more flexible than UPS, but what if UPS requires you to work more hours? I mean, mangement would be ok with a second job as long as it doesn't interfere with your UPS job right?
    I'm just trying to figure out how to make it work. I'm in my early 20s single, no kids etc. I have Management training but no actual management experience and see a P/T manager position for UPS, any tips? Any idea of the P/T manager wage per hour? I am assuming that it is a bit higher than the $8.50-$9.50 an hour for package sorting. Worth the headaches? Thanks in advance everyone
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    Its really about what you make of it and who you have to work with there are people that will promise the world and turn around and burn you at the first opportunity. I love my job I have a great time with my employees and other managment people some of them I wouldnt trust though....wage wise it varies a lot from geographical location, exp and what youll be say average would be between 12-17 an hr
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    I have heard about $300 a week and it is a personal preference in my opinion no it is not worth the headache to be a pt sup. Good Luck with your decision.
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