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    Hello all I start training as a cover driver on the 8 in Harrisburg pa . I have a cdl class A learners permit. But I have a problem with double clutching thats y I applied for package driver to work on my shifting. When can I apply for tractor trailer how often do cover drivers work etc.
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    You can expect to work often between end of November and early-mid January, but maybe less before then. As a seasonal package car driver.
    Everything else depends upon local hiring conditions. You are better served asking a union steward or official, or UPS HR.
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    You can't double clutch, so you're going to work on that in delivery?? WTF?

    I can drive package car like a boss, floating gears and being perfeft with my shifts. In a rig it's completely different, so the practice you'll get won't translate at all to feeders.

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    Youll have a better chance of going feeder, once you go FT package car.

    UPS offers FT jobs to FT employees first (usually).

    Less Runnin, More Stunnin
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    When I came into feeders from package car (9 year wait) we drove 5 speed GMC's. The clutches were wet (full of ATF fluid). It gave you one more dipstick to check on your pretrip. We were instructed to double-clutch EVERY shift, or be disciplined. I did it for years. They did away with the wet clutches, but I still double clutched. On road Supervisor asked me why in the hell I did that? I was trained that way and never changed. Double clutched till my last day on the job.
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    My first day by myself I started floating gears, I'm just a rebel that way!

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    Yup, I only double clutch if I need to downshift fast, if traffic all of a sudden starts to bog down
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    I double clutch from Park to Drive lmfao.
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    I'm a package driver in Hbg West center. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by double clutching. What few manual package cars we have yet in west center are just a standard manual transmission like you would have in a passenger car.

    Were you an off the street hire for package car or an insider first? If you were off the street then I believe you have to wait till after your 30 days is up until you can sign the list to go to feeders. If you were an insider, then go to HR and put your name on the list.

    Cover drivers right now work often. And then through peak you would work daily pretty much. Our list are completely exhausted from Nov. 1 through mid January. And if there is no work available to you on road then you can go inside and get hours if you want to.
    We don't have "seasonal" package car drivers in Central Pa. You would either be a (part time) TemporaryCoverDriver or a full time driver. to be full time takes time. maybe 5 years. You'll be top-rate before you make full time, in most cases.
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    If you need advice in person, I'm usually found walking around in the morning waiting for my start time. I'm the guy in the brown shorts and shirt. ;)
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    And the 9-iron in your hand?
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    Nope. I usually have my wood in my hand.
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    Ups will hire you only if you are clutch, so don't apply if your are not clutch, you are only wasting their time. See how I double clutched that, oops triple clutched it, wait I quadruple clutched, Ugh, I give up. :grrr:
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    The magic happens when "over" becomes "on"
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    lol leap frogging. Wait....don't frogs give ya warts, or is that toads? ;)
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    toads, frogs are princes
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    Depends on where,froggie was sticking his hopper In!