New to the Site but woundering about the Job.... Please read need help!!

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    Hello everyone my name is Stephen I live in aurora colorado and i am currently working at panera bread. Im making 9.25 and about 35 hours a week. I am looking to forward my career at panera at some time now and seems like nothing is happening, and im looking for other oppertunities and my friend told me about UPS. I seem to like everything so far but i do not like the hours it says that i may be getting 15-17 any way that i have a good chance of getting more...? maybe is it possible to start off full time? I dont know if career growth would be worth it in the company any advise on that compared to Panera? Just have alot of thoughts and would be nice to talk to some one who knows a little about the company. Thanks for you time and help!!!!!
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    Ok, basic info. It's $8.50 to start but you'll end up beating your current $9.25 in a year, or less if you get a skilled position. As a Pt hourly you're guaranteed 3.5 hours a day or 17.5 hours a week, if you're not getting that before you reach seniority suck it up. Once you get seniority demand your time, if you try that before you reach seniority(30 days in most places) there's a good chance they won't want to keep you and just let you go. Also depending on your location and what position you're in you won't have trouble getting 20-25 hours a week but don't expect to be getting more than that as a PTer.

    We get regular raises which is nice and there's the gleaming hope for a FT position, which seems to be around 10 years at this time in many places don't know about yours.

    If you're interested in supervision at all you could go for a PT sup position, you'll get a nice bump in pay and salaried at 27.5 hours a week. Moving up from PT sup to FT sup is almost always worse/longer than going from PT hourly to FT hourly. If you just want to spend a few years with better pay and adding to your resume it's not a bad option though.

    Perhaps some more people will respond with more views on this, but good luck with whatever you decide.

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    do u think ups would be a good career path better then the food industrie? i mean im sure it is but im scared to take this chance cause like everyone else i have bills to pay that said i would take a good 400$ decrease every month. just woundering i have not gone to college yet and i hope to go some day when i have money to spend on somthing like that
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    Well it depends what you want. Are you just looking for a paying job for hours, or a FT position. Are benefits an issue? We're currently in contract negotiations so things can change, but as it stands you'll get benefits after a year, 18 months, I believe, for family no cost to you to get it. If you're just looking for a FT job I wouldn't recommend going in as as PT worker with UPS but hoping an outside hire Package Car driver position opens up. As I said it can easily be a 10 year wait for FT if you start as PT but we do operate with a 6-1 ratio of inside to outside hires for FT PC driving.

    Doing some rough math if you only get the minimum of 17.5 hours a week which is contractually guaranteed, though you may need to push it if unlucky, you're looking at at least 7-8 years as a PTer with estimated raises from the last contract to be making as much as you do now in a week. Of course if you are able to work more time it's less.

    You also mentioned college, there is tuition reimbursement for

    If you get hired as a PT package handler your location may have tuition reimbursement, to know for sure you'd have to ask someone out of the location you'd be hired at or HR of the location.

    It's really hard to tell you if it's a better career path, but I can tell you if you can handle BS management standards and seemingly idiotic directions from corporate level you won't have to worry about losing a job at UPS if you can make seniority and show up most every day. Aside from theft, violence and sexual harassment there's just about nothing that will get you fired, and stick, if you show up and work to the best of your ability.

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    hella man u bring some good point to the table i just dont want to be in the food industry all my life but im only 19 so i have many years to find out, but it probubly is the smarter thing to just stay at my job now maybe later go that way but maybe not now... thanks again for taking time and just talking to me