New UPS Campaigns Deliver Without the Truck Focusing on logistics, brand targets millennials

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    New UPS Campaigns Deliver Without the Truck - Ad Week

    Focusing on logistics, brand targets millennial movers and shakers

    Just in case you have ever wondered, United Parcel Service has 96,361 trucks. If you live in any of the 175 countries that UPS services, you’ve seen them: They’re big, they’re fast, and, of course, they’re brown. Relatively few brands enjoy the luck of its workaday equipment becoming a universally recognizable icon. So it’s no surprise, as this 1992 ad shows, that those big brown trucks have taken center stage in the company’s marketing.

    Why, then, would UPS ditch that terrific truck in favor of … a millennial entrepreneur holding her foam robot? “This 1992 ad was appropriate for its time,” observed Brian Ceraolo, president of Peerless Media, which publishes Logistics Management magazine. “But advertising has changed a lot over 20 years.” For UPS, that change came in the form of an IPO and another thing called the Internet. Together, they completely changed the way this 107-year-old shipper does business—a change in plain view in these two very different magazine ads.