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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by huskervi26, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. huskervi26

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    Will the new UPS contract have any more vision benefits. I am very interested in getting Lasik surgery but went and checked it out last year and they said insurance would not cover much of it at all. I was just curious if anyone knew if anything was in the contract.

  2. tieguy

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    anything possible but this one may not be realistic with the rising cost of medical care.
  3. brown67

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    According to my eye doctor there are almost no insurance plans that cover laser eye surgery.
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    In any case the benefits wouldn't be specified in the contract -- only UPS' contribution. I don't see anything in the National Master... is it covered in the riders or is it something the Union has chosen to pay for out of the generalized Health & Welfare capitation?
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    Put $2000 in your FSA and you can at least pay for it tax free plus they will take out the $2000 weekly out of your check its only about $50 a week. Also check out there is one place that gives us a discount I think its If you live in or around Ohio go to Dr Brian Stahl he one of the best in the Country he did mine this year.. check him out at
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    If you have the VSP vision plan you get 15% off at a VSP provider. So you save about $450 - $600 on the total cost. Around here in Ohio it costs betwwen $3000 and $4000 depending on what you need done
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    You will just have to strain your eyes through a bug stained windshield like the rest of us.
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    I read somewhere that custom lasik, which can cost up to $6000, is much better for people with astigmatism. If I were you I would read up on this and choose a doctor based on experience and other important factors and not price. When it comes to your vision you don't want to cheap out.