New Video! Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Sixth Punch Sense

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I'd hope that there is a contract to vote on before we strike. Supplements before national seemed risky. Now it looks even more so. Hoping for the best planning for the worst.

Another great video thanks


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$500 a week? I'll be interested to see how long people live on that? Offers are never better after a strike than before a strike.


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I remember internet was barley a thing yet so we had little info besides what was on the news. UPS handed out pieces of paper with their contract offer with our paycheck on the picket line the first week we where on strike. UPS asked Bill Clinton to intervene and he said he would not also said he was concerned with full time jobs and he went on vacation. I also remember UPS said they where going to fire all 340,000 employees who didnt report to work but retracted that the next day due to an uptick in violence. Many police cheifs ordered their officers to give out tickets to all ups package cars for parking or anything. Huge support from the public. Ron Carey did a awsome job with the public. We had one conference call from the union to update us. Will be interesting to see what changes if we strike again.