New Year



Let's hope this coming year will be better for all of us. Let's pray that we can avoid a war.}

Happy New Year


Let's hope there's not a war. Apart from a lot of innocent people dying, with a slowing economy it will only lead to job losses in UPS.


Having met the president VERY briefly I just wanted to share one that I heard not too long ago about his wicked sense of humour.

The prince of Saudia Arabia was visiting Bush at the ranch in Texas. They were discussing the availability of Saudi air strips should they be needed against Iraq. The prince continued to resist any attemps by the President so the meetings concluded without an agreement.

AS he was leaving the prince turned to Bush and asked him "I have a question. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. I have noticed that there are Germans, Russians, Irish, English, Oriental, blacks, browns, even creatures from outer space. But I have never seen a man from the middle east. Why is that?" Bush, without missing a beat and with a twinkle in his eye replied "because it takes place in the future"

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking with the President, you could see something like this happening.

With all the death and destruction over the last few years, I hope and pray that we can keep from getting involved again overseas. But if we do, it ought to be a war, declared and one that we intend to win, and not some cheesy police action that turns into a human meatgrinder for our young men and women.