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    OK, yes if it sounds like I have an axe to grind I probably do. This was our first Xmas with Tattle-telematics. It was the most stressfull I've ever had in 20 years. This is after changing routes this year to an easier one. Keep in mind I work as hard as I can and don't care about the numbers. Here are some examples of why I am having a change of heart at UPS

    Planned -2:20 under and I get yelled at for a several minutes of excessive idle time (wow I saved the company $90 OT but lost them a few pennies of gas!).
    Planned - 1:90 under on a 11:52 day and get yelled at for being over 9.5!
    Yelled at for missing commit times for pickups when the shipper gives me boxes early and say they won't be around in the afternoon.

    Christmas eve was the worse day of the year. First they tell me we have to be back in building by 17:00. But thank goodness we are allowed to skip lunch to do it! BS I skipped my lunch for years until they made me take it. I am not about to skip lunch unless I can skip it every other day of the year. I told them my helper can only stay a couple hours. They say ok, don't worry you don't have to make your 5 pickups! I get hit with air, bulk, miles and stops like never before. Long story short I get called every 15 mins by the sups. I have to have 5 drivers come out to finish the day by 17:00. Most other drivers got 5-6 hours of work. I got 10.5. I had planned to do Christmas mass but end up so stressed I stayed in bed for the next 36 hours with +/- 102 temp.

    So on to the resolutions... Here are the facts if you work hard you will never be rewarded for your trouble. Which is fine, however you will also be penalized. My route from 5 years ago started out with 108 to plan. When I left 145 would not plan the same route. I came to my new route this year I could knock it out and be in by 16:30 2-3 days a week. Since Aug I could not get in before 18:00 any day of the week. They moved more and more work/miles to the route. But like I always have I just kept running.

    So I am going to begin the year new with the following changings:

    #1 No longer going through the load for 15-20 mins off the clock.
    #2 No longer breaking the speed limit
    #3 No longer running
    #4 No backing (20 ft or 2 mile driveway)
    #5 No keep packages in the cab from stop to stop.

    Yes, this is what I'm supposed to do. Regrettably I have not followed UPS policy in the past. I have done everything above in order to not have late air and to stay under 9.5 and to get home early.
    I can only hope that by slowing down my day by following methods will reduce the amount of work they put on me as I've seen happen time and time again to other drivers.

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    Sounds like a good plan!
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    Congratulations on growing a sack


    Thats great
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    It happens to every driver at some point. They don't give up pushing until all thoughts of giving your all for the company are completely destroyed. Its really sad.:sad-little: Welcome to the "I don't give a crap anymore club"--- the membership in the club grows daily.

    P.S. to those who haven't reached this point yet---your time will come.
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    Hey tranham, maybe this job isn't for you. It isn't rocket science and shouldn't be so stressful.
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    Well it sounds like all you guys and gals really work your keesters off on a daily basis...I guess all UPSers do, always giving 100%...I know I do when I'm at work. I can't really say that I have completely joined the "I don't give a crap club", but some days....yeah I can say that!! Haha :) For the most part though, I love my job really. As peak was coming to an end, it really started to take it's toll on my mind and my body. I think I'm still recovering from the 12 days straight. Christmas Eve was really kinda disappointing though...the word was that we were SUPPOSED to have 30 outbound but most of those flights had been cancelled. We all thought that we were gonna get our 3 or 4 hours and then go home. Not was 7 for me and then out!! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got the hours but was so tired of being there it really didn't matter. My New Years Resolution is to quit smoking in the house :) ...I gotta grandbaby on the way :)
  8. Mr Jingles

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    We all feel that way in one way or the other.
    I feel the best way to deal with it is to just go along with the flow.
    And when I'm feeling really under control, I don't even notice there is a flow.
    Living in the moment - no future, no past.

    In talking with wise, contented retired people in their 60s, 70s and older, that seems to be the state of mind they are in.
  9. dannyboy

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    for the 9th year, i resolve to be a gentler kinder dannyboy.

    i know, it probably wont last much past the 2nd or third.......

    there is only hope. the gooberment has taken most of everything else.


    as a long term employee that was used and abused early on, you have to stop stressing. you also have to come to terms with the fact that you will never ever be able to please the number crunchers at ups, they will always find fault.

    it is of interest in my career at ups, the bitching stopped when i did my best, followed methods to the best of my ability, and quit taking what went on at the center personally. its just a game. and they can only beat you at that game if you let it get under your skin.

    remember, while the first thing they teach ups sups is to reward good work on road, they forget that and nickle and dime you to death on other bs. so all we get is the bs we are not doing the job.

    btw, also you put great store in running under allowed. dont. most of the people in the office day after day in trouble are those that constantly run under.


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    just plan on cruising slowly along for the next 18 months { until I hit 30 pension credit years }.
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    Congrats on the grandbaby!

    My last few years before retiring I worked the West Coast Air Hub (ONT). I know what you are talking about. You probably had a bunch of diverted flights to deal with. When you work an air op you tend to work every holiday including Xmas Eve - New Year's Eve - Superbowl Sunday - Easter - Mother's Day - Father's Day etc etc! Not fun unless you have seniority and can get all those days off!
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    These are a good start but its like drugs or over eating it is a day by day habit. As a steward I would tell you to work on your methods cause when you start to go legit an the numbers fall they will be on you ass. So be careful and stick to the methods they will set you FREE.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    I doubt that ... I think you will do your job as well as you ever did.

    I turned 55 in October and I worked as hard and I am as dedicated as I ever was. You want to go out as an example. The last three years has required as much dedication and effort (granted not physical) as I have had in my career at UPS. I would not have wanted it any other way.
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    Exactly :) All of them days...the NORMAL days off so to speak?? ...but I'm Sunday thru Thursday, so they are all a given :) ...and I don't mind it, and I don't bitch about it and say..."ahh it's Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Super Bowl, err whatever :)'s funny? When ya fillin' out a job application for supplemental income anywhere else, the app asks are ya available for holidays?? And I say no...because I'm property of UPS on those holidays :) ...they don't call me back...and that's perfeclty fine with me :) ....In alot of ways I got it good..Ohh so good as far as a job is concerned...but in other ways, it can kinda SUCK :)...but like I said before...for the most part :) I love my job :) ....
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  15. grgrcr88

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    Like I said, The More You Do, The More They Expect Out Of You!!

    Welcome to the real world. This is the Matrix!!
  16. dilligaf

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    I will endeavor to remind you! :happy-very: No thanks are necessary, I know you soooooo appreciate it. :wink2:
  17. toonertoo

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    I have also reached the point. Although I did quit skipping lunch yrs ago, I may not take it all at once but I take it.
    I have never went through the load except out of sheer neccesity for my life not theirs.
    But I dont stress over something I cant change. I no longer cry or feel inadequate when I cant match the numbers, I thank Brown cafe for that.
    I will always do my job to the best of my ability, as I always have, and when the time comes that they throw me under the bus, Ill dust myself off and survive somehow. Til then I am YES thankful to have a job.
  18. soberups

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    The trick is to embrace the fine art of detachment.

    Own what is yours, but dont take on what isnt.

    You can and should still give a crap... about the things that you can control.

    I continue to give 110% on this job because thats who I am. At the same time, I am continuing to learn to let go of what isnt mine.

    I have accepted the reality that Telematics is here and it isnt going away. I have also accepted the fact that my management teams job security depends upon finding things about my job performance to complain about, so if I dont give them anything they will simply make something up. It isnt personal, so there isnt any point in getting angry about it. They chose their path and I chose mine.

    The reality of UPS in the Telematics age is that any action you take to get off of one report will simply cause you to appear on another one. The entire system is designed put pressure on people by creating a perpetual loop of expectations that can never be met.

    Perfect methods+ 100% compliance= overallowed.

    Underallowed= flawed methods+ non compliance.

    There is no way around the reality of these two equations.

    The beauty of Telematics is that once you embrace this fact you can turn it against them. Give them 100% compliance and 100% obedience to whatever flavor of the week they try to cram down your throat, and watch their system collapse like a house of cards. After all, you are simply working as directed. They made their bed, let them lie in it.
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Missing Xmas Mass and having a 102 degree fever to boot really compounded your day. There will be better days ahead; you are on the right track. Let us know if this changes work out.