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Hello all. I just registered to this site today even though I have been looking at it since I retired 5 years ago. It seems that many things at UPS have changed during that time and many things have not. For today I would just like to say that there is life after UPS and it is all good.


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Thanks for the welcome. No airking, I wouldn't like to be your jumper. My left knee barely supports me now.
To answer over9five's question, I held various management positions over the years but when I retired I was a center manager level. there were many times while working that I did not agree with some decisions that were made by upper management but that goes with the territory. But I will say that the company was very good to me during my tenure, ie. pay, benefits, etc. I do feel that I earned it however. You work hard, you get paid well, then you play hard.
When I hear people say that they could be a UPS driver I just smile. They have no idea what a driver today has to do and remember. Drivers are so good at what they do that they make the job look easy, but we all know that not everyone can do that job. At one point in my career, having trained people to be drivers, I know that it takes special talent and skill to be a driver. You either have it or you don't. I have a great deal of respect for drivers, and all ups'ers for that matter.
That's my story and sticking to it.


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I just retired last May, and it is great!!! The thing that bothers me is that I see more and more companies looking for ways to get out of Pensions. Even UPS has changed the formula for the "younger" crowd. I understand the economics of it, but feel that it is a huge loss. Our pensions represent an investment in the company. Whether you are union, hourly or management, you invested your life and career with the company. I don't think it is asking too much to get a return (pension) on that investment. The time and effort spent training and developing an employee should be worth the time, effort and money to keep them. There is little loyalty across the board to employees today and the because of that, same from employees to the company. Both sides lose. As a driver, I saw this firsthand, as management, I saw it from the company side. I still believe that the companies should look at all of us as assets not liabilities. Maybe not the real world, but something needs to be done. You are all extremely fortunate to have a pension opportunity. 401k's are nice, but they revolve around the market and your ability to chose the right investment. I know this is also the Pension planners problem, as well, from the company side. When contracts come due - stick to your guns on the pension!! The wait may seem a long way away, but I can say firsthand - the wait is definitely worth it! good luck!


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As a newly retired, I will agree with all that has been posted. Stick away as much as you can in that 401K. The healthcare will eat much of your pension the way things are going at this time.