NGSS.... Toledo Ohio .. System now up and running how does misload

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    Toledo Ohio Hub..... NGSS system is now up and running.... sorter scans and scans and scans .... Management is now complaining about misloads .. anyone know the difference between auto misload and misload... Management is telling us :angry: 1/10000 is what is expected of us .. can anyone give me insight on this ... thats like 1 a week :greedy:..... Human error is 1 thing , however , I as a sorter have seen that the scanner is incorrect and I must scan a package more that 1 time /or if scanned to quickly it doesnt pick up next package .... :biting: can anyone give me insight as to how this works ..... also when you look at computer screen to see how much volume has been scanned the first number is like a pieces per hour .... how does it calculate that .... PPh are not my concern "Honest days work for an Honest Day's Pay " works for me ... however, some of our younger sorters are well over a 1000 in that first column .... just Curious........
    :wink2:thanks for your help....
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    Did you slam a Redbull before posting?
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    I think we just got that system. I assume its about as effective as PAS is in reducing mis-loads.
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    No , However, I could use 1 when I'm scanning.... lol .... :wink2:
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    Just curious as your post is seems structured in a rushed format with lots of smiles.
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    I also work at the Toledo hub! I work as a loader on the midnight shift, and I guess my ft sup was complaining to my pt sup about misloaded bags because apparently the new automated sorting system is a piece of crap. So now instead of checking for 3 good packages, they want us to check all of them.
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    I was in the hub that got the first NextGen Small Sort system. 1/10k is a something they're pulling out of their ass and throwing against the wall to see if it sticks. Employees only get write-ups now for having more than 2 in a single day. I think your PPH is calculated over a 3-minute span and then projected. Also, production harassment - if it hasn't already - is going to go through the ROOF over the next month or so for you folks. So you and your coworkers had best hunker down and get ready to file like hell on them for it. First, they wanted sorters @ 900/hr, then 1000, then 1200, then 1100, then 1000 again.. the number changes every week. They wanted baggers @ 500/hr, then 600/hr, then 750/hr.. again, that changes every week. Just remember: it's not a production job.
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    toledo Midnight..... I believe the system isnt't very accurate . It seems to be making more work for all of u
    ,,,,Piedmontsteward.... Thanks for your reply ..... yep ready for production harassment already started they were pulling us from bin if we wern't over 1000pph ... ha ha :greedy: Didnt work for long .... I'm all for "An honest day work for an Honest Day Pay",,,,, and thanks for clarifying 2 per day sounds more reasonable to me.....
    thanks again :happy-very:

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    NGSS system..?? is that the system used for pas/ed
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