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  1. A tentative agreement was reached by the NHL and the players association today, anyone going back. Do you think they will lower the prices?(doubt it). Did the players get the better end of the stick and do you care?They should have signed last year!
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    I`m glad its over.I miss my hockey.The players lost big time,but hey if I was used to 2 million a year,I could probobly live on half that,so I don`t feel sorry for them.From what I`ve read theres a lot of rule changes coming.For one,icing will be determined by the 1st player to reach the goal line instead of the puck, there will be no more ties,and all players will be penalized for stopping play by shooting over the glass.All in all though I`m glad thier back.
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    Woo Hoo!!

    Now hopefully, my Bolts can sign and PAY Martin St. Louis, and if what I read is true, Vinny, Khabby, and a slew of others!
    St. Louis deserves it though, all the guy has been thru to make it, has a career year b4 the lockout, a contract year, and then this.
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    I agree St Louis is up there with the best of the newer guys it`ll be interesting to see where Sydney ends up
  5. Hopefully sidney signs with a small market team like the Canadians...(wishful and selfish thinking on my part)