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    Missing Powerball winner turns up to claim prize
    Thursday November 8, 3:17 pm ET

    The mysterious winner of the $200,000 Powerball ticket has surfaced.
    Timothy Padilla, a 37-year-old manager with UPS in Farmington, said he found the ticket from the Aug. 15 drawing in a "pile of papers." His wife, Marguerite, read a story about the missing ticket that was about to expire and immediately went through the stack of old tickets accumulated from his habit of buying tickets twice a week.
    The winning ticket was set to expire Nov. 13. All prizes for Lotto-style games must be claimed within 90 calendar days of the draw date or the money is returned to the prize pool for future lottery games.
    Padilla bought the winning ticket at the Giant store at 5501 E. Main St. in Farmington. The lottery retailer has sold 13 other winning tickets, ranging between $1,000 and $10,000.
    Padilla said he intends to invest the windfall. His sister, Jessica, attends the University of New Mexico on a lottery scholarship. The lottery has raised $331 million for public education.
    Marguerite Padilla wanted to head for Albuquerque and the state lottery headquarters immediately after finding the ticket last Friday. But Timothy insisted on keeping his date for elk hunting that weekend.
    "We had just enough time to do both things," she said.
    Published November 8, 2007 by New Mexico Business Weekly
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    "Timothy insisted on keeping his date for elk hunting that weekend. "

    Prioritize! I would have done the same thing!
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    I will waste two or three bucks for a Megamillons ticket when the jackpot gets big. One day I was checking an old ticket that was laying around and it was worth $150.00. Not quite $200,000.00, but it brought my negative lottery investments up a little. I'm beginning to suspect the odds of me winning big are too high..................:blink:
  4. DS

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    Yea,:wink: go out and waste a few bucks...
  5. BCFan

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    Heck Scratch I hear you are independently wealthy anyway...... BC
  6. scratch

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    Darn BC, I wish you wouldn't have let my secret out. I haven't worked at UPS since '75 for the money, I only do it because it is so much fun. I really make the big bucks at my second job, which is moderating this website. Of course, I'm not as wealthy as you, I only have one house.

    I think that BC stands for Bundles of Cash Fan:shifty:
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    If Cheryl pays you to moderate, I will cleanup my act and add being a moderator to my retirement plans. Where do I fill out an application.
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    I just Googled unclaimed lottery prizes, it is amazing how many large prizes go unclaimed. Boggles my mind that you would buy a ticket and not bother to see if you won.

    I can see that a ticket could be lost or misplaced, but it seems that would account for a small percentage. Imagine finding the ticket after the redemption time had passed. That would seriously ruin my day...
  9. scratch

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    I was kidding in the above post Satellite, so don't clean up your act or change your retirement plans!:raspberry-tounge: