No raise for two years...

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    Has anyone else experienced this? I was made Union in the 2002 contract. Prior to being unionized, my raises were performance based.

    My seniority date is in September, so I was due a raise, but became Union in August. Because my higher than avg rate, and low seniority, I was put into progression.

    So I didn't get a raise at all that year, and when the following August rolled around I didn't get a raise again. It took almost 3 years to get a raise. People with less seniority were getting small raises, while people with more seniority were getting the full raise. There are employees that are making more than me that I was once making more than.

    I heard a coworker referencing that contract and it still leaves me feeling bitter.
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    I was unionized once by a 20yr old hooker.
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    Yup. Hired in 2000, went from part time to full time in November 2011, and now dealing with a mandatory 3 year pay freeze. At least the time is almost though.