No Smoking!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by blacknproud, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. blacknproud

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    Finally no more smoking on UPS grounds anywhere in Addison or Palatine....not sure about anyone else, if you want to smoke you have to go out to the parking lot...ha ha. Long overdue IMO
  2. magoo57

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    i hope your boss doesn't have nicotine withdrawal. Maybe buy a patch just in
  3. rod

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    Just curious - are you still allowed to smoke in your package car? I used to leave my cig wedged into the defroster fan that was turned around facing me in the summer. Lost track of the number of times I'd hit the ignition only to have the cig fall into the fan and shower me with hot ashes. You would think a person would learn the 1st time:happy2:
  4. toonertoo

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    Yes it was told when the ban on smoking went into effect in Ohio, that we couldnt smoke in our vehicle. Then when the enforcement of the law was going to be withheld for 6 months because idiots voted yes, before the laws were actually written. :oops:Now while I agree its a bad terrible thing, I think people should have known that to outlaw it totally, was absurd, and it should have been written before voted on, but Hey, its Ohio.
    If its sooooo bad it should be outlawed, but then it wouldnt be something they could tax. Hence No JACOBS FIELD, built with sin taxes. So when it was deferred to a later date, they said Ok, you can smoke in your trucks.
    To me it isnt a big deal. Im only a closet smoker anyway. But to all of you who have never become addicted, God Bless You. For anyone who is, its easy to quit, just dont let the triggers get you, like stress and pain. Since we have none of those in our job, it'll be a walk in the park.
    For the less perfect among us, its just another right taken away. Im sure the VETS clubs, love it, Oh I know they do, when WWII veterans have to go out in the freezing cold to smoke a cig in the country they fought for. But whatever. The feel gooders said Yes, lets ban something else, and they did. :whiteflag:
  5. BigBrownSanta

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    I recently went to see my doctor and mentioned I was thinking about trying to quit smoking. Without hesitation, he writes me a prescription for Chantix.

    I go to Walgreens to get the prescription filled and find out that my insurance (Team Care Rx) won't cover it. I guess TeamCare would rather pay for my smoking related hospital and medical bills later on in my life rather than helping me to quit smoking now.
  6. toonertoo

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    Chantix is expensive, but so is smoking.
    Even if not covered, buy it, I have seen it help numerous people.
    All the nurses in the cardiac unit where my husband was "stationed" swear by it.
  7. moreluck

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    I have a prescription for Chantix. It's been hanging on the fridge for over 6 months now.
  8. trplnkl

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    I started Chantix on the 2nd, so far I have seen no effect, but am hoping that is does what is supposed to do. It appears that ,at this point, I am looking at setting a 2nd "quit date".
  9. ikoi62

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    i used Chantix last year (06) the first few weeks it felt like nothing was gonna happen,then about week 4 the smokes started tasting like crap,on the way to work i had 1 cig left i smoked half of it and was done.
    its been over a year now i don't miss it. but i do like the extra $200 a month in my pocket. and it was covered under bc/bs insurance.:happy2:
  10. ezmoney5150

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    The worst part about the Vets is that during WWII the soldiers were given cigarettes as part of their rations. So the government got most of them hooked and is now telling them they can't smoke in VFW halls. Absolute BS.
  11. over9five

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    In Massachusetts (only in Mass!) there is a law that you can't smoke in a vehicle that you share with someone else. The only reason I know this is because it's posted in Feeders. Many of the tags on the keyrings are stamped "No Smoking".

    There has been no smoking in the building for a long time. They do have designated smoking areas outside complete with ash trays. The areas are disgusting as the smokers just throw their butts on the ground.
    Sorry, pet peeve.
  12. moreluck

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    My butt always goes with me !!!

    CA. law just new where you can't smoke in a car where kids under 18 are passengers. I think that's a good law. I remember as a kid travelling with parents who both smoked and the windows were barely cracked in the Wintertime.

    Another good new law is no cell phone used by anyone driving and under the age of 18. Over 18 it's hand's free only.
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    This is only the first step as corporations experiment with the wellness concept. Wellness programs have and will become an excuse to pry into all your bad habits. Today they outlawed on property smoking. Tommorrow it will be greasy fried foods, soda pops and anything else they deem unhealthy. Soon your vending machines will only contains fruits and salads and bottled waters as the corporations guide you on eating and drinking properly. Orwell missed out on this phase of health cost management.
  14. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Tie, my last center manager mentioned in passing that corporate sent out EMail suggesting that all management drink "x" amount of water per day.

    Did you get the EMail, and have you complied?
  15. freeloader

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    The wellness concept probably gets UPS a tiny break on the cost of benefits as well (aka the wellness pledge). So the next safety meeting, department meeting, etc, won't have greasy pizza's from the local pizzeria. Instead you'll get a bowl of trail mix. And starting next year, Christmas turkeys will be replaced with heads of lettuce and bags of ripe tomatoes.

    But does it really matter? As you sit in the break area sipping bottled water and eating an apple, you inhale gas fumes, diesel fumes and whatever else is circulating around inside the building. The reason I say this is because when I worked at UPS, at a few buildings they decided to "reclaim" the break-rooms, turn them into conference rooms and relocate the break-rooms to "break areas" in some open area in the building. Ugh, not pleasant at all.
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  16. blacknproud

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    EXACTLY!!! Not ok to inhale 2nd hand or 1st hand smoke. (I am not a smoker) but it is ok after preload when all the vehicles start up and there are fumes all over the place that EVERYONE inhales. Carwash too, some of those old diesels take forever to start then when they do, it's like a mushroom cloud of diesel....but thats ok to inhale...good job UPS
  17. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    You know what else is funny -- at the same time they are enforcing the "no smoking" rule in vehicles, they will turn a blind eye to the "no talking on cell phone" rule (as long as it benefits them).
  18. Lobofan5

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    In Cincinnati you can't smoke on UPS property or in a UPS vehicle IF there is anyone else in the same vehicle that doesn't smoke.

    When I took my driving test 2 years ago, my supervisor CHAIN SMOKED the entire time and I just had to deal with it.

    I for one, LOVE the new rules since my work area was next to the "smoking area' before and at break it was a stampede of smokers racing to get out there and light up..completly smoking me out of my area. Nothing worse in my book than going home reaking of cig. smoke..when you DONT SMOKE.

    However, that said, I think if I was taking a driving test today with the same money is on him chain smoking the whole time anyway.
  19. tieguy

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    water in my coffee

    water in my beer

  20. toonertoo

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    What it basically comes down to is a courtesy problem. Not a smoking problem. I have never smoked when someone was with me, unless they did. Even at a bar, when you could light up, I didnt smoke with non smoking people, actually then, I had no desire to. So lets ban the idiots who have no respect for the rights of others not to breathe the smoke, and let the owners of businesses decide if they wanted smokers or non, as their customers. But no, we are going to close down businesses who make their livings, with what the public wants, but now no matter what the public wants It cannot be offered. I dont think the voting public should decide that a VFW or private club, can or cannot smoke when they will most likely never set a foot inside. I dont see how a law can be passed before it was written. I have never really at all been interested in politics, but suddenly I look forward to taking vacation, and finding ways to fight this. Because I feel that the government laid out as it is, has us strapped so tight we cannot band together to fight anything.
    Remember the seat belt law? I used to own cars without seatbelts!!! Remember riding in the back dash!!! Remember riding a bicycle without a helmet, or riding in the back of a pick up truck. WEll God forbid someone somewhere got hurt, accidents happen, and now there is a law we all have to follow, or guess what, the govt gobbles up another few hundred bucks from your income. How about when you used to be able to go after work and have a beer or two? And go home and conduct your life as normal. but no somewhere and too often some out of control idiot killed that place to gather by wreaking havoc on the general public and now we all pay. And pay you will. Have a beer after work, hit a deer, HAH your fault. Loss of job, lawyers make money, courts make money, insurance company makes money, and you Joe Normal pay the price. But then you can go on welfare and then, you are right where they want you, on the govt dole. Now they can really control you. Im not saying that some of the change isnt good, but some of the change is so far out of the realm of what your life used to be, that many of the younger people will never know what it was like to actually live. Control your own life, make decisions, good or bad, and learn from it. Now we have everyone telling us how to eat, live, socialize, sleep, work, worship, what is left? Work, pay taxes, die.