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    So I have been working at UPS morning preload for 7 months now. I am planning on taking a trip this June and would have to take Friday and the following Monday off of work in order to be able to go. You have to work at UPS a year before you get any vacation time so do you think I could get away with 2 days off if I gave an advance warning?
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    You can try to talk to your sup but I have to agree with Johney.
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    Just call in on Friday and don't book back on till Tuesday... problem solved.... Anyways even if you had worked at UPS long enough to get a vacation you wouldn't have a chance in hell to pick a week in June for vacation.... Those weeks go quick and go to high seniority people..
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Would a 7 month employee have days on the books to take or would these be "dead days"?
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    I guess that would depend on where he works. IF your sick your sick no matter if you have time or not...
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    Sounds like every other employee around here. I remember when people who got a job got one to work, not to see how much they can't work. This place would be a lot different if every person demanded to work every day instead of fighting over who went home. Sorry OP just had to vent considering I saw 5 FT employees walking through the crosswalk at 9am this morning as they complain they need a raise next contract.
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    *cough cough*
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    I agree.
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    when i started in 84, it was called 'paying dues' to have to wait a year for time off. This entitlement mentality didnt exist then,and if by chance one decided to have it, he would have been put on unloading and harrassed until he quit, or laid off
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    Exactly! Now the attitude is: Well if I want time off, I'm taking it. I'm entitled.