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    Ok I'm 22 years old I won't bore you with my life story but I've dealt with anxiety and depression for a long time which has made it hard for me to hold a job. I applied as a package handler because I figured I won't have to deal with customer service and I could just focus on doing a job. Ended up being put on the preload shift. I've only been there about 5 days. During this time they've consistently stuck me on small sort flipping packages label side up for other guys to scan, I don't even know if this is a legitimate job. I've also been put in the sorting aisle, but just for an hour. And also near the end of my shift when things need to be wrapped up helping out preloaders with irregulars, I have no idea what exactly it's called.

    What bothers me is I don't feel like they are gonna keep me around. I bust my ass, but today I realized that reaching over the conveyor belt in small sort puts my lower back in a bad position. It's faster that way, but I'm not destroying my lower back for UPS. Supervisors are always telling me to go faster, which contradicts the whole idea of pacing myself. I'm no slacker, but I'm very conscious of my health and I know injuries can sneak up on you later in life. I'm worried they'll lay me off before I reach 40 days which is when I get into the union. During that time I'm not willing to sacrifice my own health for a potential opportunity that I might not even get.

    Am I worrying too much?
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    Some words of advice: if you say you've suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, try not to show it at work. Some supervisors will feed off that just for their pleasure. Just do what they tell you to do as long as its safe. As long as they see that your at least attempting to work hard then they will keep you. I can honestly say that I've never seen someone not make union when they got hired as long as they showed up on consistently, didn't call off and at least show some effort in the job. Believe me, you'll get bounced around on preload all the time. I've been with ups for over 12 yrs. and almost on a daily basis my scheduled assignment changes numerous times throughout the night. If everyone is there and no vacations, call offs, or lay offs they probably will use you as a floater or like you mentioned about helping with irregs. It's normal, don't worry. Good luck buddy!
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    Your back will get used to it. It takes a few weeks. Your options at UPS are slim if you don't want to deal with customers. Every building is different but it's a part time life for you if you don't have 22.3 (combo jobs) and you don't get your anxiety and depression under control. Help exists for those things for sure. Once you get benes, maybe you can do counseling/medicine/voodoo whatever it takes to get your chemicals under control and you can happily do package car. What's happening to you at work is normal. I would say your anxiety and depression are informing your feelings about work possibly laying you off. If you work hard and make your 40 days, you don't have to worry about it. They can get rid of you and probably would have already if you weren't worth it. I'd say deal with the day as it comes and don't self sabotage yourself. If this job is worth it to you then you'll thrive. If it's not, then good luck to ya. Don't let your condition win. Deal with what's real to the best of your abilities. Good luck!
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    First, the things you're being asked to do, sorting in the sort aisle, working in small sort, etc are desirable tasks for a package handler. Most people are stuck on loading or unloading for years before they get to move on to something else. As for "pacing" yourself, being a new employee, if you wish to make it through your trial period you need to hustle. Reaching across a belt if you're doing it the way you're shown won't injure you. If you're trying to move a heavy package that is going by on a belt at your waist level, don't lift it from far away--slide it to you before lifting so you can work in your power zone. When you try to reach away and lift something they call it an end range motion which will eventually injure you.

    Some things that hurt a little now are because you're using muscles you haven't developed but as someone else said, that will get better as you strengthen those muscles. Advil used sparingly can help get you through the first few weeks you're getting used to it.
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    Yeah I definitely don't show it there. I've gotten good at putting on an act for people over the years so nobody really suspects anything. Thanks for the help!

    I don't think I'm at UPS for the long haul. I know they have an IT field and I thought maybe getting my foot in the door would help. But I'm not holding my breath, I feel like they'd hire outside of UPS for that kind of technical position. I'm definitely gonna be seeking help for everything soon, my biggest issue before was lack of money so I couldn't afford treatment. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

    Ok, sounds like I lucked out. Although they've told me not to get comfortable where I am, so I'll probably be moving to unloading soon. That's what I figured, I move as fast as I can. I got quizzed on the end range motion and power zone stuff so I think I'm good with safety and stuff. I guess I'm just worried about messing up my lower back, small sort flipping packages is way way less labor intensive, but ends up being more painful for me if I'm not careful about my posture. Gotta keep my abs tight when working otherwise the lower back works too much.
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    Not trying to be a dick or anything, but if you've landed in small sort/sort aisle right out of the gate, and you're worried about injuring yourself, then UPS probably isn't for you.
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    Is there no where else around you hiring? I honestly can't think of a worse pt job that pays minimum wage. I'm not trying to be funny or anything, if you think of something that's actually worse tell me, cause I'm drawing a blank.
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    The OP talks about having some fairly serious medical conditions. Even though he will wait a year for benefits I think ups sounds like a great job for him.
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    How about a partime Sup?
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    do whatever you have to to make seniority, then do whatever the hell you feel like
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    I'm just trying to do as much as I can to prevent injuries. Not immediate ones, just the ones that might sneak up on me later in life and could have been prevented. No offense taken though, I understand where you're coming from.

    I'm keeping an eye out. I've got a potential internship position coming up. If it's the worst pt job that pays minimum wage at least I'm prepared for almost any other job out there haha.
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    Though your concern is legitimate, work as fast as they tell you to for your first 30 days. After that, work efficiently but don't put yourself at risk. For your first 30 days you can be released/terminated for any reason (and, in all seriousness, even no reason). After that you've got seniority and the process is much more difficult to release an employee with seniority.

    Until 30 days? I hate to say it but just suck it up, be quiet and take the unnecessary punishment. After that you can feel free to let your ego and well-being take priority over not irritating your supervisor for any reason and losing your job for it.
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