Not getting my hours and have been working overtime.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by xwtfmatex, Nov 30, 2012.

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    What can I do if I was underpaid for all the hours that I have worked? I work at UPS in baldwin park, California. I am a loader, part-time, 2 months working with them, getting paid @ 8.50 and my time is 5pm-10pm. For this week, we have to go in earlier at 4pm and stay until 2-3am. I calculated my hours and it should have been 36.5 hours which turns out to be 310.25. I enrolled in direct deposit and I see a pending paycheck of a measly 101.77. What should I do?!
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    that check would be for pay period ending 11-24
    did you allow for the one week lag in pay?
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    What do you mean? Pay is weekly, every Thursday. I have direct deposit so I can see what I am going to get paid for. The check is for 11/30. My last check was for 11/23 and I worked 3 days and got paid 111.79. This week I worked way longer hours and monday from 5:30pm until 3am, tuesday 4:30pm until 2am. Weds 4pm until 2am and finally, Thursday 4pm until 1am. I get paid 101.77 for all those hours I worked. How is that even possible to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up that badly?
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    The hours you work this week will be paid on next weeks check.
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    was i not clear on that?
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    What they said. Don't forget communication with your management team on this matter will far outweigh what you get from this forum.
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    If you're looking at the check for the hours worked last week, you'll be missing 2 days because of the holiday and as such a new hire you won't receive holiday pay. If the hours listed on the check don't add up to the 3 days you worked last week bother management, if they are accurate for 3 days well it's a light paycheck before a heavy one for a full week probably with some OT.