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  1. Leftinbuilding

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    Motorcyclist killed after crashing into UPS truck and being run over

    Looks like a UPS Freight rig.
  2. dilligaf

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    This is so sad. I ride and hate seeing reports like this. My condolences to the family.

    Left, are you in AZ? This will be in our PCM on monday.
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    Yes, I moved over here on retirement a year ago. All my working years were in Calif., but my kids are here soooo, here we are. Love it.
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    We do live in a beautiful state, don't we? LOL
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    Not good!!! Not good!!! This is sickening. Did you read the article and look at the pictures? The phony baloney above the law UPS strikes again. Two families will never be the same and UPS can just keep rolling along in the name of profit and greed. This is not the drivers fault, UPS expects drivers to park any where they can. Last summer I saw a UPS driver pull up on a sidewalk and park right on the sidewalk on a busy residential street. I went to work when I got off of vacation and I asked our Safety Committee if it acceptable for UPS drivers to park on sidewalks. The safety guy reported back to me that the DM said this was expected of them. I asked the safety guy to please verify that if a kid riding his bike on this sidewalk runs into the back of a parked UPS truck and falls into the street and gets run over and killed that the accident will be considered unavoidable since UPS encourages and expects illegal parking. Never heard anymore about this. This driver will probably be thrown to the wolves, by the wolves.:grrr:
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    So much anger so little life time to enjoy it with.

    I can not pretrip your belts from my couch and you can not investigate this accident from yours.

    condolences to the familys on this unfortunate incident.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our feeder has no business being on the sidewalk.
  8. dilligaf

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    Dave, it wasn't a feeder, it was UPS freight. Does not make it any 'righter' though.

    I watched the video again a couple of times. It's hard to tell but the tractor has that greyish brown color. Hard to tell though.
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  10. tieguy

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    congrats your best reponse to date. how old did you say you were?
  11. Old International

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    The rider of the scooter "should" have been paying attention to what he or she was doing. But since they weren't, now UPS will pay to make the lawsuit go away, when the person riding the scooter should just own up to his mistake....... Even if he paid for it with his life!
  12. tieguy

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    Thats a feeder driver professional speaking folks. a master of defensive driving. He knows he can not zip and whip 78 feet of equipment pulling 60,000 pounds of weight through tight turns. He knows the key to his success is controlling his speed and controlling the space in front of him. Its unfortunate that this scooter driver lost his life and I don't like to get into the blame game from here but a lesson that perhaps we can all learn from is to control your speed and control your space in front of you to keep something like this from happening. I believe and train others to believe that most problems on the road can be avoided by maintaining a proper following distance at all times.
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    It looks like it was a UPSF truck, trailer has a liftgate, (I've haven't seen a feeder trailer with a liftgate) and also has the diamond shaped brackets for the hazmat placards. Still not a good thing.
    I don't really know how "controlling the space in front of you" can keep someone from rearending you. (Unless your referring to the scooter operator.)
  14. tieguy

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    I am indeed. one of the things you learn is not to make snap judgements when doing an accident investigation. there are two issues here. the first is his possibly parking in a no parking zone. Keep in mind you're presently relying on one photographers judgement of the accident that may not take in to judgement other relevant factors.

    the second is the motorcycle running into the back of that trailer. Defensive drivers know its almost impossible to hit something if you control your speed and always maintain a proper space cushion in front of you. So when you investigate this sad accident you don't run to only investigate the obvious parking questions but you unfortunately have to address the defensive driving and judgement of the deceased.

    if the guy had run into a stationary tree then there would not be anyone here blaming the tree. If the truck had been stopped in traffic then no one would blame the truck driver.
    If you believe the motorcyclist can avoid a tree and can avoid other vehicles stopped in traffic then what makes this scene different?

    There is not one single person on this site who can adequately assess either here on this message site though some will try.
  15. UPSF Peeon

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    well the tractor trailer was in a no parking zone!!! he should of used a parking space like the rest of the cars!!

    of course he was in a no parking zone, its part of the job...we arent there long and most of the time theres no other way to do it

    i guess we will be hearing the 29 keys to parking a tractor trailer on tuesday
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    If that is the pic of an accident I heard about, this is tastless on your part to post it. Please remove it. No one needs to see it. Disrespectful to say the least.:dissapointed:
  17. dilligaf

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    It has been removed.
  19. FracusBrown

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    It's definitely not a good situation, but there is some misleading information posted in the article. The no parking sign shown is not even on the same block as where the accident occurred. The driver may have been parked illegally still, but he was not stopped at the no parking sign shown and the cycle rider could have easily seen and avoided any stopped vehicle at this intersection. The intersection looks like it is at least 7 lanes wide with an unobstructed view.

    Compare these. Notice the "k" sign on the left in google image as a reference. The driver was stopped along the right side of the road in front of what looks likes a used car dealer (on right side of image). The no parking sign shown is across the intersection, just below the square red sign and to the right of the white SUV on a pole on the corner of the next block.

    No parking sign in article.
  20. brownmonster

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    How do you not see an object 10 feet wide by 12 feet tall directly in front of you?