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    Well, next Tuesday is the first day of Fall. which means before too long we will be into Winter weather. We've had a terrible Winter last year with record snowfall (and this is West of the Rockies!).

    Farmer's Almanac calls for "Numbingly Cold and Snowy" for two thirds of ther country. The West and Southwest will still experience colder than normal temps.

    How many of you think Farmer's Almanac is accurate in long range predictions?
    I say sometimes they're not too far off with their forecast but they can't really gauge the severity of some of these storms and the challenges each presents.

    Last year our worst storm hit right at Christmas and packages were delivered way past the Holidays with many perishables refused and thrown out.

    All I want this Christmas is for Santa to give us a normal peak season.
  2. UnsurePost

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    Farmers Almanac = wives tale guesswork.

    Long range forecasting has come quite a long way the past 20 years, and especially the last 10. But it is still very sketchy at best.

    Farmers Almanac incorporates very little real science into its forecast which makes it basically uneducated guesswork.

    Real long-range forecasting is very sketchy, fuzzy but technique and scientifically clad research (which is long-range forecasting with scientific methodology). There are many public and private sector agencies that have success with long range forecasting.
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    I don`t know about "wives tale guesswork" but the folks around before all the technology had their ways,from years of observing,to see a pattern in things.It isn`t as accurate as todays methods but you would be surprised at the odds.
    For example. My Grandmother ,born in 1865, showed me how when it rains if you watch the rain puddles and the falling rain creates bubbles in the water then it will rain again the next day. If they dont then the odds are that the weather will start to clear. The science behind it is that it takes a specific barometric pressure for the bubbles to form. That BM pressure is the same as when a rainy weather front has arrived.
    Another one is to watch the leaves on trees,mostly Oak or Maple. If rain is coming they will curl to show the underside of the leaf.
    Neither of these are as techy as computer radar but it`s surprising on their accuracy.

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    The Farmer's Almanac is about as accurate as my cat... Neither really impact my day and I would rather check the Doppler (sp?) in the morning anyways.

    The weather in New England runs in cycles. It is sort of similar to UPS in what the 'flavor of the month' is...

    We are due for some mild winters and I hope that will be the case. Wear your gloves, wear your thermals (winter underarmor rocks!!), and buy a few pair of wool socks if you aren't allergic. They breathe and are wonderful in the biting cold. Also, I rotate 2 knit hats on/off my defroster as the day goes on. That helps a lot. Oh, and an LL Bean thermos of hot liquid of your choice. My daughters got me 2 of these a few years ago and they are now indispensable in the winter. Thanks girls....
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    Or you could go to Feeder where you`re in a nice toasty truck the majority of the day.:happy2:
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    I'll let you know when it starts getting cold here in Southern Cal.:sweating:
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    That will be when the earthquake dumps you all in the ocean.

    NHDRVR New Member

    Now that's mean....

    I think we had about 7 months of snow last winter...
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    Sorry, I was talking about science and the oceanic and atmospheric corrolations, how this can impact global cirrculations from arctic and polar to equatorial regions, plus the stratosphere - you are still talking about wives tales, which is fine, but not scientific. :)
  10. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS that ever happens. :tt2::tt2::tt2::tt2::tt2:
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    Leaves are turning here.
  12. soberups

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    Every fall I wonder if I will be abe to make it the entire winter while still wearing shorts.

    I wear shorts even when it gets down into the 20's which is about as cold as it ever gets here. I even wear shorts when it snows. Last year I wore pants for about 3 weeks when we had a foot and a half of snow (rare) and I was chaining up every day. It has to be really bad before I will drag my ratty pairs of pants out of storage.
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    Was someone talking about a BM?:happy2:
  14. NHDRVR

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    Dropped to 37 degrees last night.

    There aren"t any Springs or Autumns anymore. Cold to hot and back to cold...
  15. stevetheupsguy

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    Ditto that, 1990. I'll let you guys know when the temps drop below 90 here in South Florida. And before you say it cach, hurricane season is almost over and I don't mean U of M.
  16. Pkgrunner

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    Leaves will be turning here soon also...from green to ash...

    But at least the night sky is a pretty glowing orange:wink2:
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    Ive noticed the same thing. It wouldnt be so bad if each season was 3 months but it never is. Especially summer, never lasts. It was snowing one week, and summer the next here in Ohio. I planted my garden and boom, unexpected frost in MAY.
    I hate the cold, I do not belong here. The autumn is beautiful, this has been a glorious week, but soon it will just be winter, by mid Oct.
    I did get smart and got a pair of Georgia winter boots with cleats for ice. I cant afford to break any bones. (getting up there:angry:)
    I always watch for snow in Denver, once it does, in 2 wks its here, and stays 4 ever.
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    Easy hurricane season this year. Of course we all know late Sept. and October can bring some very violent storms. October can bring Wilma '05, King '50, Hazel '54, Mitch '98, Opal '95 just off the top of my head..
  19. stevetheupsguy

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    Man, you sure have a lot on your mind. I won't show this to my Wife, as she assumes we're safe, for this year at least.:wink2:
  20. UnsurePost

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    Yeah the U.S. is pretty safe here out.

    Nothing is impossible, but none of those years were El Nino years, which is not a cooincidence. Pacific is El Nino right now and most of this summer, which puts a lid on tropical forcing and upper air features in the Atlantic that promote tropical systems.

    All of those summers, 50, 54, 95, 98, 05 were more or less La Nina or at least cooling.

    Temperature hit 34 at the house last night! Forgetting about hurricanes, we're not far from snowing (usually Oct. we get a first snow here in Southern NH). Nothing more fun than sliding around in 12" of snow! :D