Obama Announces "MyRA" plan

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Migrant Worker, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Let me preface this by first creating a scenario that is not all that far fetched. Then read the link pasted about the new plan. Scary and Fascinating.

    Imagine, the year is 2034. The United States has been a one party system for the last 20 years. Social Security has dried up. Inflation is so high and the Government so cash strapped that they have taken over people's 401k's,IRA's and hijacked private pensions. In exchange the Government would give a minuscule lifetime monthly payment. And once the citizen dies of mysterious causes the money goes to the Federal Government not to the heirs.

    Now ask yourself: "Could the Government eventually force my company/retirement plan to buy bonds and control all my assets?" The Answer? Damn right they can. And here is the start of it. First it's small amounts, then the more desperate they become, the more rules they make, abd the more they take.
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    Something similar has been playing out in Argentina for some time now.
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    I think your a nut. But if you're right in 20 years. I'll give you an apology and a cookie.
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    This man is Hitler and the Devil himself. He has screwed our country.
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    Well you might get to enjoy his health care here pretty soon.
    A co-worker had the VP's Pigors and Bunker at their location the other day. During the meeting the issue of health care came up and they had mentioned the regulations and the cost are getting to be a bit much. They said don't be surprised if FedEx does not offer a health care plan next year or the following and push everyone into the exchanges.
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    As far as I'm concerned, FedEx doesn't even offer a healthcare plan this year.

    'Plan not to get sick or injured' - that's FedEx's current healthcare plan for us.
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    Silly me, I was under the impression that since FedEx is self insured. They made these pioneer like moves with their healthcare plan to better absorb the reaming that comes with the direction the country is moving. Basically turning your healthcare plan into a catastrophic care plan in lieu of having to cut you out all together. What if Obamacare is repealed or implodes in several years?
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    FOX News Syndrome strikes again. Pease donate to The MrFedEx Telethon for The Thinking-Impaired, to be held this July 4th. Do it for Limbaugh's Kids. Please...won't you help these poor people get an IQ above 50 and get off the FAUX?
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    I'm confused. I'm not sure if you are a bleeding heart liberal, or you think having the Government invest your money for you is a smart idea. I'll never understand people who vote democrat. They are usually poorer, continue to vote with the same party, and continue to stay the same way. Or worse, they vote for this party based on one social hot button issue (for example) like abortion. Because whether or not you can reserve the right to destroy your fetus is so very important to our economy and way of life. You are also probably the type of person who has a the back of their care littered with advocacy magnets/stickers for lame causes in where that company turns a huge profit on your dollars and tears.
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    Crazy far fetched. First thing is how we end up with one party? Especially starting this year, do the math. For Sale: Fear
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    Not very good fear. High quality fear has to be couched in a decent amount of plausibility.
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    It's a hypothetical scenario. Based on how a country can evolve into a one party system. Would it have been better if I said the year is 2028 and the country has been a one party system since the 2008 elections. Government spending is out of control. Our national debt and inflation is so high that the I.R.S. is seizing private assets, and redistributing them. Were not even that far off from Social Security drying up, what makes you think that this would be off the table?
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    When I hear conservatives(and I'm one) start talking about Social Security going bankrupt, I can't help but feel that they 1) Want to privatize it so that all that money will flow into the stock market, making them that much richer, and 2) They don't want to pay the matching funds to SS, making them that much more profitable. When the SS fund dries up employees will still be paying SS taxes, and their employers will still be paying the matching funds. All that is needed is some adjusting, such as means testing. And the political will to do it. When the rich start talking about how privatizing is a good deal, they mean it's a good deal for them.
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    This is also true when corporations push for deregulation. Not only will it be a big boon for them, but when it all falls apart, its the taxpayer who is let with the bill.
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    Exactly. We no longer have a true healthcare plan. If they eliminate coverage, it might actually be a good thing for many employees, since we basically have unusable coverage. On my state exchange I could have bought much better coverage for less money, but since Fred's farce care meets the minimum standard of the AFCA, I'm not eligible.