Obama Was A "Party Member?"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Oct 24, 2008.

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    What's really sad is it's so hard to see clearly how socialist Obama is because there are so many Republicans in the way!

    :congrats: to you republicans for going out in left field and keeping Obama company! And Pelosi! And Reed! And Barney Frank! And Chuckie Schumer! And of course your great leader George Bush!

  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'll take those "Liberal Rebublicans" over a true socialist like Obama any day. But would prefer to have NO socialism at all no matter how small the degree.
  4. tieguy

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    Your source is not fox news? How can this be? I thought we only listened to fox news? Crap I'm all screwed up now.:happy-very:
  5. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Yeah we aren't as outnumbered in the media as we thought huh?
  6. wkmac

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    Liberal Republicans? Liberal Republicans?

    Is that socialism?

    Well, it depends on what the definition of Is, is!

    Anything is better than confronting the truth so I guess you guys can relate to Bill Clinton after all!

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    The way that tail of your's is bouncing in that avatar, I don't think that's the only thing getting screwed!


    Sorry Tie, but I'd never even noticed the tail of that dog wagging until Diesel even mentioned it and then I LMAO!!!!

    Where did you find that for Pete's sake?
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    man, are you seriously still trying to convince minds and influence enemies?

    Maybe youve missed all the polls where this kind of "scare" tactic is resented by the voting public?

    How many people on this board have come forward to say that they were voting for Barack up until you , TIE, AV8, Brett, moreluck, toonertoo etc etc posted some smear story and now they are voting for McCain instead?

    Lets face it, our cards have been shown. We all know how we all are voting.

    The "amped" up rhetoric promoted by Rush Limbaugh and FOX news has you all spinning with hate and a need to promote propaganda in a last ditch effort to try and win an election.

    Even known congresswomen and other elected officials have made the mistake and spoken outloud about anti american, muslim, terrorist, blah blah blah to the point where "they" are now in trouble.

    Bachmann Calls Obama and Liberals Anti-american

    This woman has now APOLOGIZED for her twisted remarks, as a result, she is now in jeopardy of losing her seat as she trails in the polls.

    This is what happens to people who take Rush Limbaugh seriously.
  9. mthbstr8

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    Believe the lies or look it up for yourself. Whatever you want, man. Me, I need a new roof.

    Peace out
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    Let's dumb it up a little bit, cause I'm losing you folks with all your labels and opinionated definitions of Conserva-crats and Liber-icans, and of communism, Socialism, Capitalism.....take a look....I couldn't help but to laugh at these clowns though.

    American Government: Communism Vs. Socialism Vs. Capitalism
  11. trplnkl

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    Give me a break, Cris Mathews is as far to the left as Limbaugh is to the right.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Tisk Tisk.....Obama is a commie. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Those of you in denial will feel the harsh reality of this fact come down you like a ton of bricks once Obama is in office and his socialist policies are put into place.
  13. tieguy

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    which part of her statement did she apologize for. This country is being run by anti american liberal wackos. Its a shame we can't take them and lock them up on the island of cuba.

    This country was rebounding nicely until the liberal wackos got control of congress. They have single handidly ruined this country with two years of control. Imagine the devastation that will occur when they have finished their four year term of control.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Now Tie.....everyone knows it's because of "7.5 years of Bush." Come one now....say it like a programed robot. LOL!
  15. diesel96

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    Bottom line is most people (including lifelong Rep's) are just turned off by the meta-morphosis' of the last eight years of Republican Control and neo-idealogy. Yes, Mac, there are some similarities (militarily, bailouts, FISA) but most armchair non-intelects such as myself (did I just take a shot at myself?) feel they don't outwiegh the core idealogy beliefs and why we come to the conclusions that you may find identical. As good as you word it up and almost having me believe your cast-net "gotcha" thesaurus, at the end of the day, there still are huge philosophical differences between the two heavywieghts. :clubbing: .

    --Trickle-down / Trickle up.......
    --Screw the poor and middle class / Tax the Rich
    --Private only Healthcare / Private and Gov't healthcare options
    --Unlimited Military Ind Complex spending / Limited MIC spending
    --Cut essential programs / add essential programs
    --Free market pace green production / Gov't expedited and incentive laden green production for the free market.
    --Drill-baby-drill / Wind-Solar-Hydro
    --Pro Life / Pro Choice
    --Wild wild west gun control / Urban gun control
  16. The Other Side

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    Dude, you have been out of touch with the reality of this country for years. Your excessive cheerleading has been debunked by the facts of the state.

    We get it, you support the policies of GW BUSH.

    It's ok to be wrong man, we understand, sort of like an AA meeting, "hi, im tieguy and im addicted to BUSH policies"

    At least you guys are coming around to facing the reality that McCain is finished.:whiteflag:

    Nuff said:wink2:
  17. diesel96

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    First off......A response is not even warranted for BigA's desperate "commie" name calling. I believe the only people paying attention to him are the hate mongers at Sarah Palin's rallys. Now Tieguy, why are you putting yourself in that category. Like Team McCain, your feeling the heat, so you feel the "pitbull in lipstick" in you has to show some teeth.

    Now, if you were running for office like Ms Bachman, and you were leaking "anti-american diarherria out of the mouth" with your mug on "you tube" spewing Macarthy-ism rhetoric you'd be better off sticking with your day job.
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    Deathbed Conversion: Michele Bachmann To “Apologize” In TV Ad

    by Zack Stephenson
    Published on October 24, 2008 at 1:49 pm
    , filed in General

    Politico has the scoop:
    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has taped an advertisement apologizing for her televised comments calling Barack Obama anti-American, according to a Republican source familiar with her campaign’s decision.
    Bachmann campaign spokeswoman Michelle Marston said the campaign will be airing a new advertisement this afternoon, but declined to comment specifically on whether Bachmann would be apologizing in the spot.
    “You’ll just have to wait and see,” Marston said.
    This is a desperate act by a desperate campaign. Bachmann is clearly unrepentant for her comments last week, in fact, she repeated them just yesterday. But in the face of terrible polls and increasing pessimism among her fellow Republicans, Bachmann taking the only shot she has left. Will it be enough? Your guess is as good as mine, but we can make it a little tougher on the Kissy Monster by donating to El Tinklenberg.

    (satisfied Tieguy?) ms bachmans campaign song should be played by QUEEN: Another one bites the dust!
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    Fast forward 4 years!....Don't blame me I voted for McCain...This country hasn't seen trouble yet...Mark my word!

    And isn't ironic our future president has a peace loving Muslim name....My 'ol my!
  20. The Other Side

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    Trouble yet? How bad does bad have to get, in order to get your attention??

    Are you and TIE the lone souls who believe the "fundamentals for a sound economy are strong?"

    Oh, Im sorry, McCain, you and TIE.:dead: