Obama will make economy far worse.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BlackJack616, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Look for the stock market to crash under "O". With his promise to tax Corporations, and their inability (due to the recession) to pass the added cost on to consumers, investors will flee Wall Street. What sane person would invest in companies doomed to lower profits? This election was a disaster.
  3. Jones

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    Tell me about it. And things were going so well up until now. What the heck could all those voters have been thinking?
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Of course the economy will get worse under Obama and then it will get better ... it doesn't matter who is president.
    Long-term we will see but people with opinions will be around to say the Big O made it worse...that I am sure of. :wink2:
  5. BlackJack616

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    Correct, it will get worse, but a president(ron paul) who can understand the real problem will make the " depression" less painful then Elect Obama..

    this gig is up folks.
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    We sure are lucky to have fellow truck drivers who can predict the economic future of the country for us. What a talent! Can you give us a heads up as to what the stock market is going to do on Monday?
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    Yes, things are bad. So, for you, the solution is to make things worse? Take the blinders off, get past the celebrity, and look at what you have elected. This election was a disaster.
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  9. Jones

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    Can you be a little more specific about what exactly is going to get worse? Maybe some predictions about what the stock price of some of the fortune 500 companies will be in a years time? Then a year from now we can check your predictions against reality and see how smart you are, it should be a great day for you :happy2:
  10. Leftinbuilding

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    Folks, meet the typical Obama voter. Very childish. You know, very well, no one can say with certainty what the markets will do. However, people who think, can see how policies will determine outcomes. Have a Merry Christmas.
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    silver 40-55 bucks by 11/11/09
    Gold Could be in the 2000+ range

    The big 3 will cease to exsist (one will fail and the other two will have a "shotgun wedding")

    A relative high number of low to mid level politicos will meet a untimley demise at the hands of regular folk forcing all city halls to become fortresses.

    The Dow is going to lose another 3000 points next year.

    Unemployment will be 15% minimum.

    Entire Malls will be turned into "Ghost Malls"

    Crime is going to skyrocket
    A bankrupt municipality will entertain being bought by a foreign nation.

    We will see food raids by the EPA with the Dept of agriculture cracking down on backyard farming and co-ops.

    Several banks are going to close AND NOT REFUND DEPOSITORS.

    Towns are going to break the back of residents with skyhigh taxes trying to stave off bankrupty take their money and STILL FAIL in record numbers

  12. Baba gounj

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    Good thing the mighty O will have his civilian troops to maintain order.
  13. Jones

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    Dang, you can't even get my vote right, I'm losing faith in your powers of predictions already :dissapointed:
    I agree, but just 3 posts ago you said:
    Personally, I have no clue what the stock market is going to on Monday, just as I have no clue what contradictory statement you will make next.
    Happy Holidays!
  14. Leftinbuilding

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    Amazing what taking things out of context can accomplish. You should be in media. Merry Christmas
  15. Jones

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    And you might want to reconsider that job as "The Stock Whisperer" :happy-very:
  16. wkmac

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    We are IMO, truth be told, in a lull before the possible storm but not as a result of Obama nor is this to to suggest giving Obama a pass. Bad economic policy has passed from Presidential generation to Presidential generation and I suspect Obama will add his own mark to the whole mess.

    That said, a hint of what will come can be easily seen from the words of 2008' Nobel Prize in Economics winner Paul Krugman who suggests the only real course out is inflation and hyper inflation at that.


    Krugman states:

    A low interest rate does allow the free flow of money but there are consequences in that action. By increasing the money supply the net effect is inflation but Krugman's ideal is to push real interest rates down while inflating the money supply which devalues the currency itself. With a growing retirement population approaching a huge hit on Social Security and Medicare, is this a wise prescription advocated by what is considered a leading mind in economics?

    Inflation and low interest rates pull a double whammy on senior citizens who in their so-called golden years are out to preserve and protect wealth and thus rely on fixed investment instruments like CD and other interest only bearing investments. The double whammy of low interest rates and coupled with what I think will be very high single if not double digit inflation of which Krugman is not opposed would quickly erode fixed personal savings as well as pensions such as the majority of us here will receive. Add to that the pressures of inflation on wages and we all know that prices of goods and services always vastly outpace wages and salaries and take years if they ever catch up at all. The real scare is the appearance of stagflation as we had as a result of Nixonian economic policy in some sense similar to Bush policy of interventionism. The stagflation really ramped up during the Carter years http://economics.about.com/od/useconomichistory/a/stagflation.htm
    and caused a near critical mass effect. If Bush is Nixon in economics, I see so many comparisions that suggest Obama may be Carter and I don't used this in a type of trickery mocking but rather to suggest a model of history maybe repeating itself.

    This would also go to show that our gov't and those we elect are completely and totally incapable of new ideas and new thinking except in just repeating the same old mistakes of the past and continuing the cycles. Even Reagan instead of making a clean break from Keynesian economics adapted the neo-Keynesian "Supply" model and thus we made the circle complete and began the journey anew along the same road.

    Many voices have warned of the coming problems we face now and were ignored as kooks, nuts and the like. Easy to do when such small in number voice concerns. The ever so historically tried and true position of "well how can 95% of the population who believe otherwise be wrong?" History is volumes and volumes and volumes where 95% of the population were wrong time and time again and it's not that they were wrong as much as they were given false information to begin with that forces a wrong conclusion.

    Many have warned that in the not to distant future, inflation will spring forth like a California Firestorm and not a thing we can do to stop while remaining in the Keynesian (Fabian Socialist/Mercantile) system. Krugman knows this is the only out of the economic system he loves but in the meantime, working people, the poor and the otherwise disadvantaged of the system will suffer the consequences of inept so-called experts who have a hidden hand to their own agenda.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that how can the housing bubble in America, the lack of buyers of houses, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, the lack of loans being made in America could effect the economics literally across the globe? How could Americans not making house payments, buying homes, or big screens at Best Buy cause all this havoc? How could this cause the economy for example of Iceland to completely collaspe?

    The overwhelming common denominator in all this is fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. It's way past time we demand our Congress to audit the Federal Reserve which has never been done and then make the results public. Demand our gov't return at least to the priciples of US Copnstitution Art. 1, Sections 8 and 10 where it concerns money.
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    I typed out a long response to you but decided, "whats the use"? You had almost two years to figure out Obama and you couldn't do it, so a post on a forum can't help you. Your world must be very pleasant. Be safe thru these last few days of Peak.
  18. Jones

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    Fixed it for ya :wink2:
    You really need to let go of your Obama fixation. He's not my candidate and he never was. The idea that you have him "figured out" is pretty laughable though, given your apparent misunderstandings of how anything else in the world works.
    My world gets better every day, no thanks to our elected officials :happy2:
    Enjoy your holiday season!
  19. Leftinbuilding

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    Guess two can play that game. Makes debate much easier.
  20. Jones

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    Who said you can't teach and old dog a new trick:happy-very: