Obama's First 100 Days......

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    As a president’s first 100 days supposedly indicates what he will accomplish,

    I think we can nail it down in O’s first few hours.

    ------The Magical Mystery Tour of Change------

    Sec of State - One way to keep an eye on Hill

    Sec of Treasury – Tim may one day master the complexities of the 1040 form

    Attorney General – Holder was one of Janet Reno’s right hand men in the ‘ storm the house and hold ‘em at gunpoint’ Elian Gonzales fiasco

    Sec of Labor – Chao wants to overhaul the ballot system in workplace union elections

    Chief of Staff – Emanuel, former board member of the highly successful Freddie Mac

    Head of EPA – Jackson, of the global warming religion, doesn’t buy into the natural climate cycles of warming and cooling

    Not to mention Daschle and Killefer.

    Old Ben Franklin was right! Nothing is certain but death and taxes!!!!!!!

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    Today Obama perfected his 'stall' technique. He knocked on the mike saying "Is this thing on?":wink2:

    This should be under current events.
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    Very good point, More!
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    Is this the change he was spouting off about? He is an amazing LIAR!!!!
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    I've mentioned it before. Bill Clinton has enough people in there, I'm sure he has a heavy hand in running the country.

    Obama is a figurehead.
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    Okay Obama haters......allow me to hijack your thread, cause this is going nowhere and it's boring listening to you'all reassure each other like a flock of seaguls.
    I know most of you defended GW on all our problems like a Guiliani broken record, ...9-11.....9-11....9-11.... and also blame the Dem majority led Congress.
    Well now, I'm going to point out a defense mechanism inherited to the Obama Adm the moment he swore in....It's called the Bush/Cheney GOP-Republican Administration and all who supported it that left this country in such dis-array in facing this "Great Depression"-like financial dire consequence in the form of massive unprecedented debt and burrowing never seen before in the history of the world, decimated middle-class, spiraling unemployment, and a backassward foriegn policy recruiting more terrorist than eliminating them, resulting in our allies pretending not to know us.
    This new Adm is probably facing it's toughest challenge this term with this Stimulus Bill the moment the new drapes were hung and the new presidential rug was laid, so we should get a good indication of Obama's first 100 days, eventhough it will take year(s) climbing out of this GOP hole.
    As far as "change", any form of transparentcy and shift in ideaology (even with some old familar faces) from the previous 2 Adm's is "change", and an abilility to beat a pre-planned GOP partyline fillerbuster approach for a chance to implement this Adm's new agenda in order for us to judge the first 100 days.
    Indicators already show partyline stubborness in the House and Senate instead of loyalties towards the resident's woes in their home state districts. However, there looks like there are 3 sensible Rep Senators who will tip the scale and pass the Bill in the Senate and will definately get the evil eye and cold shoulder from their constituents...
    I will concede, if anything seems similiar, is their foriegn policy approach towards the troops in the Middle East...I'm not liken it, and will reserve comment and hold them to their 16 month pledge, but I'm sure our "gung-ho" war monger crowd should'nt be to upset about that sort of change....
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  8. Baba gounj

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    This exactly was done to us by Barney Frank & company who promoted the ideal that everyone ( citizen & non-citizen ) was entitled to own their home, even if they could not afford it. Thus they kept saying that Freddie & Fannie Mac were solvent, right up to the day everything fell apart.
    The banks knew that any loans they made no matter how rotten they were, would be backed by Freddie or Fannie.
  9. av8torntn

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    Of course we cannot be surprised that Obama is a horrible judge of character. We all know about some of the people he had chosen to surround himself with at different parts of his life. I suppose since he is not even smart enough to know how many states our country has we can expect many horrible decisions from him during the next several years. I am sure he will be faced with many decisions that will be more complicated than counting to 50.
  10. wkmac

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    You and I know that in many areas of economics and politics, probably even religion, we are oceans apart but much of what you said was dead on point. America didn't elect Obama, George Bush and the republican party elected President Obama. It was their wasteful years at the helm that has gotten us to where we are. Oh you can blame democrats and that is very true but if the former watchman gives the thieves keys to the warehouse and the new watchman knows this and completely fails to change the locks, then that watchman accepts full responsibility for the thefts that take place as a result. Now we can argue if Obama is changing the locks or not, I don't believe he is, put the fact is Obama is dealing right now with thefts that occured on the previous shift but at some point he will be dealing with his own.

    That all said, just for fun I did a search of "George W Bush>non defense spending" and here are a few article I found in the search results. And no, none of them are from left wing, commie, democrat or whatever the fun flavor of the day is.

    From Reason magazine circa 2005'

    Also from Reason Jan. 26, 2009' (a version of this ran in the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 24th)

    And from the late Harry Browne circa 2004'

    This is just the tip of the iceberg but the simple fact is we got President Obama because like dumb leemings, republicans and so-called conservatives put fiscal principles aside and followed blindly into the night and dawn came to shed light on the utter disaster those years in power really were. Now I do believe in time President Obama and his fellow travelers will try and give Bush and the boys a run for their, ops I'm sorry, a run for OUR money and we'll be even worse than we are. But right now, this situation is republican caused because as the night watchman, they took a nap and allowed havoc to run amuck in Washington.

    BTW D, more bad news Dude but it's on a different note. Glenn Greenwald points out another Obama broken promise. http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/02/09/state_secrets/index.html
    and here's a follow up piece to that http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/02/10/obama/index.html

    Glenn also makes a point about the Bush adminstration press conferences. I'm just speechless :wink2:

    You really have to sit back and honestly ask yourself these days, was this purely a Bush thing or if not now, will it also become a practice of the Obama camp at some point. I'm betting good money this is just typical gov't policy no matter whose in there. The last thing they want is for some spirited and true journalist to point out the obvious about the King's lack of clothing!
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    Take heart there AV because President Obama has realized his shortcomings and is now surrounding himself with better people to help make these decisions. I mean even in the vetting process, he's reached out for new blood that should make a real difference you can appreciate.


    You see, he did bring change because I'm betting you just laughed like I did when I saw it!

  12. Sammie

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    What kills me is that Mutt and Jeff (oops!!), I mean Barney Frank and Chris Dodd :dissapointed: along with Clinton, back in 1992, let the wolf slip into the chicken house and them feathers been flying ever since. They loosened
    up the lending laws and the rest is history. How is it that these two dil (I mean clowns), who've been in Congress since Moses was a baby, are still around, now advising Hillary? According to them, Freddie and Fannie were fine! Tho Fraudie (oops!) Fannie became a huge part of this financial meltdown.

    Fannie and Freddie control half of all mortgages in this country. These twin towers of fraud and corruption were created by Dems, protected by Dems, funded by Dems, and Dems blocked every attempt Bush made to regulate them.

    A recent quote from Hillary " I’m honored to have the support of one of the sharpest minds in Congress. Barney has devoted his life to championing economic fairness, and expanding opportunity for all Americans." :biting:

    Chew on this one, Hill. Ever heard of Franklin Raines? Why is he not a common house hold name like Kenneth Lay? Raines made $80 million at Fannie Mae while cooking the books and last year paid back a few mill that he wasn't entitled to due to a federal law suit. But no big one. Instead of wearing an orange jump suit, he became O's campaign advisor.

    The thing you gotta love is that as long as people continue to have their brains sucked out by the Boob Tube, Bush will be blamed for every wart, mole and hemorrhoid...
  13. moreluck

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    I'm just amazed at the amounts of money tossed around by people(?) like Pelosi. Somebody give her a credit card and send her to Nordstrums or Saks. Geez !! Maybe BARney Frank will want to go along too.
  14. tieguy

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    whats bubba gump serving up now?

    pork barbecue, pork ribs, pork roast, stewed pork, pork gumbo, fried pork, boiled pork, scrambled pork......

    Thank god things have changed:happy-very:
  15. Bad Gas!

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    After Obama's first 100 days he going wish it was over...He's no better than the rest of em...Nobody in politics knows how to solve the financial crissis....I would look at the advantages of implementing the Fair Tax..
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  17. Sammie

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    3rd week in. One State Two State, Red State Blue State

    Hear what happened yesterday? Obama chose Republican Judd Gregg as his choice for Commerce secretary. Until Gregg found out that Obama will remove the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department and move it into the White House. The Census Bureau has been a key part of the Department of Commerce for 100 years. Does this mean that O will be knocking on our doors while taking the census? No, it means he'll "project" the number of people in the U.S. Like there hasn't been enough shady math crap in the upper balconies of our country already. Nothing like manipulating the electoral college now big time. Upon learning this, Gregg withdrew his name yesterday. Chicago politics at it's best.

    Gotta love it! "O" The New Bean Counter"! :geek: And they say men can't multitask....

    Wonder what other new power grabs we'll have to look forward to...
  18. chev

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    All I hear is the teacher from the peanuts cartoon....wuhh wauh wah wah wah wahhhh. Same old tired bs. Can't wait for the really big let down you get when the entire bottom drops out. :wink2:
  19. tieguy

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    yep. Obama ran against the bush socialistic spending programs. now that he is throwing money out the window he in his defense states that bush did it too. His logic being that he should be allowed to wastefully spend money like Bush did. With that kind of logic government will never stop wasting tax payer dollars. And Libs have the gall to wonder why the dreaded conservatives want to give the government less money to waste.
  20. wkmac

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    From your lips to God's ears!

    Oh Dude, I could so blow that idea away with facts and links to the Congressional record but your first part was so damn good I'm gonna let the last part slide.

    For now!

    It's sad that gov't is like a couple of overdriven teenage boys trying all they can to one up one another and they are using our money from our efforts and labor to do it along with our freedom and liberty. Good observation Tie!