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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by defcon4, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. defcon4

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    I applied at the Roswell Center in Georgia for part time package handling, went through the interview process, went through processing at the roswell center etc. They called me back and said that I was hired and I'm about 90% sure that they said to show up at the Roswell Center (where i was interviewed and where i applied) at 5:45pm tommorrow. I got an e-mail today saying that I have an appointment for my first day of work at the Pleasantdale Hub at 5:40pm and when I log in to the my job inquiries section of upsjobs.com it says pleasantdale hub at 5:40pm and under position it says that I'm a "revenue recovery clerk". This is very confusing because the interviewer never mentioned anything about working in a different center than the one I applied at and I applied for a job as a package handler. So which location should I show up at? I wonder if it's a mistake and I have no idea which one to go to. I don't want to show at the wrong center and lose this job opportunity as I just quit my current job so I could work here. Please help me, and thank you.
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    Is there someone you can call? Such as the person who interviewed you? If you don't maybe someone on this fourm knows a number you can call. Goodluck!
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Call HR first thing in the morning. Ask them where you are to report. It's that simple.
  4. Six Sides

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    The HR person that did the interview put in the wrong center code and job code, thus sending you an automated email. Call them in the morning or even better go to the UPS facility and talk with someone.
  5. defcon4

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    I was never given a contact number but I do have the number that they called me from in my caller id. I was planning on calling that number in the morning but I don't remember the name of my interviewer, he only told me once. Hopefully someone who can look up my info and help me will be there in the morning. Worst case scenario, I'll show up at roswell center an hour early and see if they're expecting me. If not then i'll have enough time to make it to the other location.

    Does UPS usually interview you in one location and then send you to work somwhere else or is this incident just clearly an accidental error?

    Again, thank you so much for your help.
  6. samiam

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    I think it is where you interview is where you work. It's been a long, long time since I started working so it may have changed, but I think if you go to a hub and interview, that's the hub you work at.
  7. 705red

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    I was interviewed at one building but placed to work at another, not all buildings have a hr hiring office. Best thing to do is to go there and ask, the number thats on your caller id might be the buildings main number thats shows up from anywhere in the building and chances are no one will answer.
  8. defcon4

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    But if I sent in my application to work at the roswell center location, would they just transfer it to the pleasantdale hub without making that clear during the interview process? I hope someone down there picks up the phone tommorrow. It will be kind of embarrassing to show up at the security gate and try to explain to the guard that I'm not sure if I'm supposed to show up here later for work or not. I'm just freaking out because I don't want to lose this job on my first day since I just quit my current (now former) job.
  9. 705red

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    Hopefully some of the atlanta upers here can help, scratch, krash, bcfan (not blood clots) lol, any of you have a phone number for the newbie?
  10. scratch

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    The only one I know that works in Roswell Center would be wkmac, he is usually online in the morning, since he works at night. The rest of us work in the three Hubs around Atlanta. I believe that Roswell Center is a stand alone building located close to UPS Corp. The Pleasantdale Hub (P'Dale) is the nearest and largest Hub. I hope defcon4 can get a hold of someone at the number on his Caller ID. It sounds like the Revenue Recovery Clerk job at P'Dale would be the easiest job, but I don't know what the pay difference is.
  11. 71chevy

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    If you are close enough to the pleasantdale hub and can get the revenue recovery job, do it. Thats a much better job than pk handler. Just my 2 cents!!!!
  12. clockrider

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    in my district, rev rec & unload both start at $8.50. No opportunity in rev rec to become skilled, like unload/load would.
  13. toeknee2gx

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    i bet thats probably what happened. Some buildings code the revenue auditors differently than they PT hubperson. Just go to the building you were interviewed a little early and see whats the deal. Worst case scenario you would have to go to the other faciltiy instead.
  14. brownISer

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    did u get an employee id? seven digits... not sure how private messages work but if you could send me one ASAP I might be able to help
  15. defcon4

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    The Pleasantdale hub is a long haul (45min without traffic 1hr with and there's always traffic in Atlanta) for me and I wouldn't be able to keep that job for longer than this summer since it's 40miles of driving per day. I'm gonna try to call them now and see what's up. Thanks for the help, I never expected to get this much help and advice from ya'll, this is a great forum.
  16. defcon4

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    No I never got one, but thanks a million for the help!
  17. DorkHead

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    Go to the one center an hour early and make sure you bring a printed copy of the email with you so they have something to go on. It will make things a little easier
  18. defcon4

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    Ok, so I went to the roswell center this morning, and they said they had typed in the wrong job code and that revenue recovery would automatically switch to pleasantdale. So its all fixed now, I start working at roswell center today. Thanks guys.
  19. GAUPSer

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    Hello, I have a question about hiring at the Roswell location too. This thread came up in a search, so instead of starting another one, I thought this one would be ok.

    When I do a job search on ups.com for package handlers, the Roswell GA location does not come up at all. Does anyone know why this could be, or am I doing something wrong? I live close to the hub and could go down there and ask. Thanks
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Don't quote me but I would think that if the location does not come up that there may not be any openings at this time.