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Just curious if it is a nationwide UPS policy that when you get an on call air sent out to you, is it always a default 1400 (2p.m.) commit time? It drives me crazy when you have to waste your time and override it to a more convenient time. Why can't they let you put the time in? I know, I know,this is real petty, but just one small thing that would make my day run a little smoother.


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You have a minimum of one hour from the time it is called in. They have to give you a window of one hour at least to get there. Which on some days is really bad, if you get them all at 5pm. They should be sent to you in a timely manner. aka if they get it at 230, its not too much to expect to receive it by 235, but then it depends on whos running the place


I really hate this, our commit times defualt to 4pm. I send message to center to change commit time and closing time or I don't accept the pickup, what a pain!


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That is basically the laziness of who is sending the ODS. I had to work in the office for awhile due to an injury and if I remem correctly when they come in the customer has put closing time but UPS automatically defaulted to 14:00 if it was before a certain time. All the OMS has to do is look at it and they can change the time before it is sent out. Also something I never got was they didnt start sending them till 11 or 12. When I was in the office I would start sending them earlier. Yeah some people whined about getting them that early especially the ones delivering air til 12 but oh well they always whined anyway. I always loved going by someones house and seeing a letter in the door in the AM and get a message at 14:00 with a 14:30 commit.. God I miss that place:confused:1


Actualy, they have to give ups 1 hour 2 get there. Not the driver. Ive gotten calls ready at 1610, commit 1710, but got 2 me at 1645. That sux

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It one hour from the time that call 1800PICKUPS or generate their label from the any of the various systems.

Our default is 1930.

Dislike people that put one hour commit on NDA to get it there sooner. They seem dunbfounded when I explain that all NDA leaves at the same time everynight. If anythinh they may have hampered it if I come into close to pull time.


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Well thanks everyone that answered. I think that we can tell from the answers that 1400 is NOT the national standard, but a local one. I will ask management tomorrow, again, about changing it to the time the caller states that they close. I think they think we will forget or ignore it. So maybe they could have hourly reminders (with no response required from the driver) pop up on the DIAD instead of those insane 15 minute warnings.
Thanks again. This chat room is the best way to find out what is going on in other centers quickly. Feeder drivers are limited in answering question on how other centers run because most only see three or so centers or hubs.