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    Is this policy having CSA's and gatekeepers bidding for vacation days with couriers? We have too many CSA's with 30 years and they will, no doubt, take away days wanted by couriers. If a courier calls in sick, there's a floater to take his place but I don't understand why the Office people are lumped in. If it's policy then the policy should be changed. One of the drivers at the station says they're doing it to created extra coverage. Said if 10 people are suppose to be off that day and 3 of them are CSA's that means the station has 3 extra courier floaters with nothing to do. Another guy has a proud graduation in June he isn't missing. Said if he doesn't get the week off because too many office workers took it, he will use all his sick days. Hopefully things work out.
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    I don't think CSA's, etc, take away from courier's ability to take off. They're kind of "separate" as far as taking scheduled time off goes. Same with handlers, pm wise, afaik. That's my experience / observation and it may not be accurate. Hope it works out for you guys, too.
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    They experimented with this last year, I don't know that it caused any problems, but they went back to CSAs having their own slots per day.
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    A rule of thumb based on my experience is that if swings cover CSA shifts then they compete with couriers for time off. If other CSAs cover CSA shifts, then they don't compete with couriers. Seems to be more likely in small stations but YMMV.
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    Couriers are totally separate in bidding from other kinds staff where I work. Where are you?
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    In the south.
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    We discussed this last week with out manager, got a handler and an office worker taking spring break, so thats 2 of the 4 or 5 gone already. I always thought they were separate, cause they can't cover for us if we're gone, and we're not gonna cover for them.