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    Latino leaders protest at UPS Addison

    Leaders of a Latino grass-roots organization in DuPage County are denouncing a United Parcel Service policy they say could cost many longtime workers their jobs.

    Cristobal Cavazos, coordinator of Immigrant Solidarity DuPage, called on UPS Thursday to "opt out" of a system to reverify workers' Social Security numbers.

    Cavazos said an estimated 200 workers at UPS facilities in Addison, Palatine, Chicago and Joliet fear they will be fired.

    "These are workers with seniority, who are a part of the community... (and who have) done nothing but show up for work faithfully," Cavazos said.

    The organization may call for a national boycott of UPS by the Latino community if the workers are fired, he said.

    By the end of the month, UPS employees must submit new I-9 forms that will be used to validate their legal work status through the government's E-Verify system. As a federal contractor, UPS is required to use E-Verify for all new hires and any employee doing "direct, substantial work" under the federal contracts. Employers may also opt to verify the entire work force.

    "The choice by UPS to run E-verify on workers with seniority will result in hundreds of jobs lost in the Latino community, both here in DuPage County and across Illinois," organizers wrote in a letter submitted to UPS.

    A UPS spokesman, however, said any employee could potentially handle a package shipped under federal contract. "It's not that we chose to (verify employees' status); we have to," said Malcolm K. Berkley, public relations manager for UPS.

    If the information doesn't match up with what employees provided at the time of hiring, the company will look into it and take action on "a case-by-case basis," Berkley said.

    Immigrant Solidarity DuPage is a grass-roots organization founded three years ago in Glendale Heights. Leaders met last month in Bloomingdale with about 60 UPS workers who are worried about losing their jobs. The organization has the support of Latino clergy members, Cavazos said, but a priest and a deacon from two DuPage Catholic parishes who were slated to participate in the news conference did not attend Thursday.

    "As President Obama has noted, this is a broken immigration system," Cavazos said. "People who are working are losing their ability to work, and it's devastating the Latino community."
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    Too much to read
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    L O L
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    if you are not a citizen and you don't have a work visa then you should not have a job here ? if i am wrong please explain why.
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    Tell that to the day laborers who had the county build them a shelter so they can get daily jobs. Even under Obamas plan (page 50) they will get benies for free! My question is How did UPS hire them?

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    Please explain to me why it is ok to be an illegal alien and steal a job from an American citizen? Just curious...
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    we had a driver in brockton with a fake lic. who drove till he had to go to the registry to renew his license
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    This has nothing to do with UPS. This is a Department of Homeland Security initiative which was begun as the result of UPS being awarded government contracts. This does clearly show that our own verification system is less than perfect.

    Immigrants on temporary work visas do not have nor will apply for SSNs.

    These employees need to have the proper documentation in order to work for UPS.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Even though the E-Verify is made to weed out illegal workers, I think in a small way that UPS should be at fault for not verifying their legal status from the beginning. These Latino leaders want these 60 to 200 workers to be "granfathered" in as an exception to this rule but if you make an exception would other companies follow and exempt their most loyal and valuable illegal employees too?
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    No 'grandfathering' or any equivalent. At what point do we stick by our own laws and arrest and deport these criminals. I have all the respect in the world for those who do it the right way...
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    Most of the jobs that these people are more than happy to do Americans are too lazy to do. Day laborers, migrant farm workers, etc., are issued temporary work visas but are not citizens.

    Where I live we have a number of apple orchards. We also have 10% unemployment. You would think the logical thing to do would be to hire some of these people to pick, sort, crate and ship the apples. The orchards have to bring workers in from Jamaica to pick the apples and prune the trees and use locals to sort, crate and ship because the locals are just too lazy to do the work. The workers are flown in and housed in dorm style housing. They send back 80% of their wages to their families. They also love to play the lottery, especially Power Ball.
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    Criminal is a bit harsh. These are folks in search of the American dream. UPS did hire them and if not for this DHS initiative they would be going to work along with rest of us tomorrow morning. However, that being said, I would not want to risk the loss of these government contracts for an undocumented employee.
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    If they are here illegally they are stealing from me and i have no sympathy if they lose their jobs. They are felons by entering the country illegally.
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    Have any of them been trying to get their citizenship during the years they've been employed?
  15. WOW ...... double WOW WOW

    I read it kind of fast, but it sounds like UPS is verifying employees information and their US status.

    If you have nothing to hide, then you have no problem.

    I don't even want to fill out the census form, but some things you just have to hold your nose and pick better battles.

    This I-9 thing is not a big deal, provide the documents and move on.

    I know, now some may label me discriminating, or worse, racist.

    You would be singularly infelicitous.
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    They are not felons. Entering the country illegally is a civil violation. That equates to getting a speeding ticket. Sorry to burst you bubble.
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    That is what is wrong with our country. All talk about how to keep the illegals out but nothing ever gets done. But hey, FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! (A joke)
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    the I9 verification was requested by the government and not ups.

    the latinos should join the tea partiers in protesting the white house.
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    They got their jobs by providing false information and forged documents. If thats not grounds for termination in itself what is?
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    I don't know for sure but it seems the I-9 certification was originally to be done by almost all employers but only on New Hires. Anyone remember "Simpson-Mazzoli;" the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which applied only from that day foreward. That's why those of us hired before the Act didn't have to be verified, and don't have to be verified now even if we went to kindergarten with Osama. (He was such a hellraiser even then.) :happy2: The bill contained a limited amnesty provision incidentally.

    The Act required employers to verify the documents of New Hires but specifically prohibited re-verifying people thereafter. Look on your official bulletin board at UPS and you should see a light blue poster saying that the employer may not verify before actually hireing a job applicant, and cannot re-verify current employees!!!!!!! The verification on New Hires hired after November 1986 must be kept for three years.

    However, recent government contracts contain a clause that all employees who may handle the contracted items must be currently verified. Thus, although the government requires it, it is only a requirement if UPS voluntarily applies for and gets a government contract. It's like the requirements to recite all that safety dribble. The government requires it only because UPS was repeatedly caught violating OSHA regulations, was fined heavily, and UPS cut "plea-deals" known as a Corporate Settlement Agreements, to lessen the fines and the extent of the charges. Obligating us to recite the safety dribble gets UPS off the hook, or at least on a smaller hook.

    So when UPS says, "It's not us, it's the government making us do it," that's not quite true.

    Since applying for a government contract is an optional thing, if any bargaining unit member looses their job, they may have a case that UPS got the government contract without negotiating with the Union over the adverse effects as labor law requires. My concern is not for true illegals that snuck across the border, but for long time residents and union members with strong cases to make.