Ok, another question about hiring...

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  1. McGee

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    Looks like I got to step 2...

    I was just checking the online app today and after all this time, I finally saw an exclamation point under the column that says: "needs attention" and clicked it and it looks like I finally got to the point where I could fill out the whole application!! After I filled it all, it did say to click the link at the top of the page to set an appointment for an HR professional.

    So I take it now I just possibly moved to the next stage, correct?

    Oh and it was for Air Driver- PT....

    I did get a call today from a number and by the time I got to it, they hung up and did not leave a message... hmm I gotta keep my phone closer...

    Any thoughts ??
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    Since you have been a member of brown cafe for seven years I take it you already work at ups??
  3. McGee

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    No, not yet...( hoping )
    Was in and out with previous employer...