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    Anybody out there from OK? Just wonderin' how you guys are getting through your current mess. The weather in my neck of the woods is pretty crummy with ground blizzards, road closures & some icy roads; but nothing like what you guys have had.
  2. The roads are ok, but with the down trees and power lines and poles, it looks like a war zone
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    Saw the area on TV and the only vehicle besides emergency vehicles on the road was a UPS truck.

    At first my thoughts were why would UPS be out there in conditions like that, but then I remembered, if you can drive your car to UPS, you'll be on the street.

    Glad to hear the roads are fine and hopefully the utilities will be up and running before Christmas for all the folks affected.

    Driving in snow and blizzards is challenging enough, but ice is the worst. Prayers and thoughts for those who lost their loved ones due to the weather conditions.
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    SJW, I love your pic.

    Hard to imagine how you'd run a sort of any type w/o electricity.
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    when our area was without power for a week here a few years ago ups brought in this big generators for power
  6. Tulsa building never lost power. There is still 200,000 homes and businesses still without power as of friday. The roads are ok, but the hazzards are broken tree limbs and broken electrical poles and electrical lines hanging over the road. Hard to see this stuff when it is dark.
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    These are the scernarios that give weight to the argument that its "safety first only if its cost effective" at UPS.

    Chan, you just stated "if you can drive your car to UPS, you'll be on the street. " Most people I know drive vehicles with front-wheel or 4-wheel drive. So we go from these vehicles to a tin box on wheels with rear-wheel drive.

    So they send us out there while every other employer in America is sending their people home, creating major traffic problems for our delivery vehicles.

    Now, we are stressed and aggrivated. We are getting stuck every 10 minutes. Even at the slightest hills we struggle to make it up, our ass-end dangerously moving side to side while we try to do the job. Then we must back down (accident waiting to happen) when we fail to make it to the crest of the hill. While we do this, the snow makes it difficult to see children and where the street turns into the sidewalk:anxious:

    In my opinion, if UPS thought "Safety First", we would be off the road shortly after a major storm started.

    I lost all respect for their commitment to safety in December of '05. Here in Boston, from 2 to 4 pm we had such white-out conditions that while I was driving to my first pick-up I didn't realize that the next car coming towards me was another UPS vehicler until he was about 10 yards away from me! We should have been off the road at noon that day.

    This Thursday we had a pretty good storm in Boston that started around 1215. I went out with 280. My helper (this kid is awesome) and I were kicking ass prior to the snow. We were doing about 45 stops and hour most of the morning. I got on area around 930, did about 30 until 1030 and picked him up. At 1230 we had 120 done.

    Condtions quickly deteriated. At 130 we had 126 done. At 230 we had 136 done, so you get the picture.

    The company is wasting fuel, labor, and safety costs when a helper team can only do 6-10 stops per hour. Then, when they call us off the road at 6 we sit in traffic for 3 hours to get back to the center.

    If safety REALLY matter, and not just because it makes economic sense for the company, we would have been called in around 1300.

    I find it hard to respect their safety commitments when their actions tell otherwise:dissapointed:
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    I agree 100%, Brownie! Last year, when our blizzards struck around Christmas, I didn't expect to be worked. I did work--for about 2 hours--before they pulled us off the road. That order came at about 12:15 and the roads were disintegrating into ice-rinks. A friend of mine was working in a restaurant just south of Denver while living and going to school in Colorado Springs. She called in. Her manager boyfriend was working and was the one that took the 'close' order from Corporate--at 4:00 P.M!!!!!! It took him 4 hours to get home when it normally took him 15 minutes to get there. Curse the snow!! How're things today in MA? I heard you guys have another one inbound for this week. DRIVE SAFE!!! -Rocky