Old School UPS Vehicles

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    I remember some of the oddball old trucks were still around when I started. Some in those photos like 400's and square nose 600's.
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    Guy on the left of pic #9 using 3 points of contact lmao even then they crammed the dok down our throats!

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    Could that be because the DOK crap make sense?
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    If you are talking about this pic....


    The driver on the left, is not using 3 points of contact.

    Package car drivers coming off the vehicle facing forward (carrying pkgs).... can't.

    Any feeder driver (CDL holder) knows what I mean.

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    When I was new we still had P400's that were made in 1959. They had solid roofs with little screened glass "portholes" in the top to let light in. They had wooden shelves and wooden bulkhead doors, manual steering, and drum brakes on all 4 wheels that would lock up on wet pavement with frightening consequences. They did not even have reverse lights, you had to ride the brake pedal to make a light if you put it in reverse after dark. They had a manual choke you would pull out for cold starting and they topped out at about 50MPH. They were horrid, miserable little trucks to work in.
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    Yes, they were. But put a set of chains on them and they could push snow with the front bumper.
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    Those 400's were on their last gasp when I started and there were just a few left. They were definitely horrible little trucks that deserved being sent to the scrap heap.
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    7-8 years ago we had a route with a p300? I think. It was smaller than the van p47 I know that. And I rolled a p500 over to a million miles my first peak.
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    300 was a bubbletop van I thought. A modified Ford Econoline I think.
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    I drove an old 400 that had a big chunk cut out of the bottom shelf against the bulkhead so that a spare tire could stick up thru the shelf.