On-Call Pickup Times - NDA versus 2DA

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    We been working on data for pickup data for the US and one of the working assumptions is that 2DA air cutoff time is typically closer to Ground cutoff than it is the NDA cutoff time. Expectation is that NDA must be recovered earlier than 2DA on the West Coast. Any feedback?
  2. Mike Hawk

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    NDA have to make a shuttle to the air sort, I think ours is like 5:00 - 5:15, 2DA get sent with ground to the hubs, trailers pull at 6:30. Takes an hour and a half I think to make it to the air hub, probably the same for the ground trailers. I am on the west coast.
  3. drewed

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    Sounds right to me, itd take night/early morning flight to an intermediate hub then go feeder to where ever the next day to get delivered
  4. Dizzee

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    In northern Ohio our last NDA/2DA pick-up is 10:00 P.M. The planes take off around 10:30 P.M. I believe the 2DA trailor pulls at 2:00 A.M. from middleburg (Cleveland) hub. Ground has to make the twilight sort (around 8:30 P.M.).
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    Our plane leaves @ 1930 so out going has to be at the building by 1830, the ground and 2DA by 1945, For our in town rtes we have several meet points around town to make the air times but have to two trip with the ground if not finished delivering. The extended rtes vary as to what the routine is.
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    If the NDA is going to the East coast it would have to be in earlier than the 2DA. Just due to the time difference.