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    Ive been with UPS for 2 years. I have always been told (by management) that it is my responsiblity to call in and see if I am working. I am usually on the schedule to work, but sometimes I am on-call. I am in the central region and could not find it in the contract book. I feel as if the company should call me and tell me if I am needed! I am oncall, that means that I am not working unless called and told differently, right?
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  3. Rebel_With_A_Cause

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    Is there anything in the contract about this topic?
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    Are you a casual/cover driver? It is standard procedure for casuals not on the schedule to call an hour before start time to see if they will be working or not.
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    That is the way it was when I was "on call", but if that is the way they want it, then call in and if they say "no" you can get on with your day sooner.
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    I love when they would call back at the last minute because someone had called in only to get your voice mail.
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    I work part time and I am on local sort my usual start time is 1730.
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    You can't find it, because it isn't in the contract book except for feeder drivers.
    You have no obligation to call the center management team, answer your phone or report for work if you aren't scheduled the Friday before as a package car driver in the Central Region.
    With that being said, under the new Teamcare provisions it is advantageous for you to get a day in each week to keep your health care coverage active.
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    Please tell us you don't spend all day waiting to go in just to be told that you are not needed.
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    Right now i am driver helping, and have been working local sort. However, on black friday i was scheduled to work and at 230 pm i was called and told i was cut for that night. I told them that i was coming in to work because they did not give me adequate notice. This :censored2: of the manager and since has put me on call as a means to screw with me, there is only 3 people scheduled and we always have 5. I am the 4th.
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    I'd just go in everyday as normal, and if they send you home, have a buddy make sure no one else is working(management or #5), and file.
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    What is the procedure for part timers placed on call?
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    There is no "on-call" for seniority part-time employee's in the Central Region.

    "Part-time employee’s start times must be posted by the end of the shift of their last scheduled workday of the preceding work week."

    Article 12 Section 4


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    So if my start time is on-call, then what do I do?
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    Do other region contracts have on-call stipulations?

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    "On call" is not a start time. File a grievance to have proper start times posted.
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    as a seniority part timer, am i guaranteed 3.5 hours of work every week day when i am not on vacation or option day?
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    We're supposed to actually report to work as cover drivers. If you're extra, you just find someone willing to take the day off, which there is always someone.
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    Apparently your a PT cover driver if you work the local sort when not driving. I would read your contract about cover drivers and see what it says. Also see what it says about change or work times. The problem is that PT cover are treated like casuals which is the reason why they shouldn't be any in the first place.

    Anyways you have a couple of option call every morning that your "on call" and see if they have a route for you if they don't you should be working your local sort shift that night, option two show up every morning looking for a route when your "on call" and three tell them your not interested in being a cover drive anymore and just bid a FT driver job when one goes up to bid.