On Road Sups


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HMMMMM, I can only say look around you and see how your on road sups are treated, and how their stress level is and ask them. It could be a good place to be one, where ever you are from.

If you see them in browns, more than in suit and tie, there is the first indication. (and not coz they are going on a ride along)

If you hear them saying, I know I know, but I have to do what I am told, there is another indication.

If he/she isnt able to make an educated judgement, or make changes, or give you an educated answer to your questions, there is another indication.
Educated =job experience.

If he/she greets you in the am, and their isnt sweat running down their brow, then its a good place to be a sup. I think its tough to put someone in an on road sup job when they have nil experience, but I have seen it and its not fair to the newly promoted. To give them a job they are ill equipped to handle based on knowledge of the job area. They will get eaten alive and get little respect.

And no amount of pay can make up for that. So the answer is NO, at least from the ones I have known. MOST wish they could go back in time and make a different decision, or that their bodies would have held out, so they wouldnt have made that move. It should be a good thing to get promoted, Im thinking in many cases it isnt.

Let us know what you come up with.


ok ...on road sups teach or test your ability to follow the methods.They are either training you or observing you. When you have one riding with you,although its a pain in the @ss, you still will not be paid extra for the experience.
where the hell did you work last job, enron?


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If you haven't driven, and go onroad sup., everyone will know.

They can transfer you when they want. Some start off close to home and have gotten transferd to a building an hour or two away from home.


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Forgot tho mention that aaron, if you have kids, screw them, you can be relocated at UPS will, and it can be anywhere, not just an hour or two away, it can be across the country.


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That's right kiss your personal life good by. Put up with transfers every so often.
You won't be home to put the kids to bed on Christmas eve. You will become a poligamist-Your spouse will be second wife/husband, UPS will be your first.

Your life expectancy will be 2-3 years after retirement, from the stress, and hypertention that your body handled.