One More Reason We Need A Union

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    In another thread, I posted that I have been hearing numerous reports today of Ops Managers being used for Saturday Deliveries, in order to cut hours and OT. This would never happen at UPS, because their work can't be done by management per the Teamsters Agreement. Nor can UPS farm-out work like FedEx did with our RTDs and is doing right now over at FedEx Freight. They find some owner/operator who will do the job for less (although less professionally) and then contract out the work that employees should be doing. They've been doing this for years now. Time to SIGN A CARD and get active!
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    Just to clarify one thing----while our contract clearly states that management is not allowed to perform hourly work it would be a lie to say that it has never happened nor would ever happen.

    A few years ago our Saturday Air driver called in sick at the last minute. The Saturday Air sup called the center manager, who advised her to start calling drivers, in seniority order, until someone agreed to come in. If no one agreed than the lowest seniority driver would then be directed to come in. Meanwhile, the center manager made his way out to the airport to start off-loading the plane, which could not be held any longer. The sup was unable to arrange for a replacement and she and the center manager worked together to ensure the packages made service.

    Every attempt was made to follow the contract but the packages had to make service and the operation had to go on.

    This does not sound like what you are describing. This was a blatant move by corporate to reduce operating costs and will most surely backfire in the long run.
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    I agree. UPS can only break the agreement in an emergency situation, as you describe in your post. FedEx does it routinely, especially at FedEx Freight.
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    Here's is a snap shot of UPS tentative agreement which deals with sub contractors. This is what the employees are voting on at this moment.

    if you cannot read this, Google UPS tentative agreement.
    2013-06-25 07.21.36.jpg