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    Does OPL pay dividends? I'm getting my taxes ready and I can't remember if they pay, as I have no statememts from them. Thanks.
  2. feederdude

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    Not for a few years, we'll be lucky to get .10 to the dollar.
  3. vgpa

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    Thank you
  4. franklintn

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    Mary R. Hennessy severance payments $1,388,167
    Jed E. Rhoads severance payments 2,273,289
    OPL Shareholders severance $0
    I hope that when these two birds left OPL they invested it all in Enron!!
    Oh yes those who stayed got some nice raises for a job well done.
  5. on opl boars, $2 per share on april 9.
  6. even though they are boars, it should have been board.
  7. michael

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    Did anyone happen to see the "housing" allowance these people got??? I know Mary got $13,000.00 per month. It must have been one nice house !
  8. hitthebigone

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    And you should see Mary's "allowances" at ANR. These crooks should be taken off the streets.