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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by poopsup, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. MethodsMan

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    Do we get cashed out if we don't use them on our seniority date? I can't remember for some reason.
  2. Nimnim

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    It depends on region and local, but here in my area (Florida) they get cashed out early December and renewed Jan 1st.
  3. oldngray

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    Here you get paid off for unused option days May 1. I think it will be a live check (or it was). And I did have times I didn't get paid until I complained and had them check to see the money was owed me.
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    Seems different every year here. Ours begin May 1st, so about the last week of April I always ask to get paid out for any that have not been used. That annoys most of the sups, but that's ok with me.

    Learn that lesson several years ago when they didn't pay off, and in mid June, I'd say, ask about it and they said that they were not paying automatically, so I asked to get paid out, and they paid out the current year days. Took a while to get that taken care of.
  5. PT Car Washer

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    I have always received an optional days check around first of May. I used to request the time off but was always denied. I don't even ask anymore.
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    Who has option days left? Lol
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    I used my last two last Thursday and Friday. This is the latest I have ever had days left in my 25 years.
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    I still have a couple option and sick days left but are year runs May 1- April 30.
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    I have one left. Trying to pick the perfect day.
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    Where I am at, I tell People to use them.. Seems they Double tax the unused ones....
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    IRS requires 20% FedTax and highest State tax applicable.

    ​In Georgia that is 26 % plus SS tax and Medicare tax