Our jobs depend on it!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tups, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. tups

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    Well this time we were told this from our center manager while giving another speech about getting sales leads! Because if we dont, the layoffs will come!
  2. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    There is supposed to be a meeting this week about what to do because the volume is down and layoffs are coming.
  3. The Brown Santa

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    They just put another 5 drivers inside here. It's terrible. I should be back on the road by June I hope. :whiteflag:
  4. brownmonster

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    When volume drops, routes get cut, drivers actually go out with more work. Hard to turn in leads when you have more work than before. Maybe if driver hours got cut across the board instead of lopping of the ones on the bottom people might be inclined to search for more volume.
  5. browninpdx

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    glad i am a combo guy, they got to lay off alot of part timer to get to me. But dont let ups management fool you, they are doing just fine, they may claim profits are down, but what does that mean? Instead of 3 billion, of which we dont see any ups only gets 2 billion?
  6. ups79

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    Could it be then that we only need two out of every 3 current employees? Take a look at two of your working buddies. With your statement which of you three is going to be out of a job?
  7. feeder53

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    I do think times are hard, with the gas prices and the mortgage situation. I have spoke to people in the UPS here in Albany and it is slow. They told me they cut some of the feeder runs so one can only wait and see. Vacation time is coming and the government incentive is soon to be released. With the post above about DHL dropping out, that may make an improvement too.
  8. UPS Lifer

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    Normally there is a slight drop off after Easter and then it builds through Mother's Day and Father's Day. There are graduations and proms. HOWEVER, this year Easter came early so there will be a little lull until the end of April. For the next couple of weeks the volume will drop and then it will start to build. But, right after 4th of July the bottom falls out until mid August!! These are cyclical fluctuations. We all know the economy is not doing well so it adds a little to it.
  9. browninpdx

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    i am pretty sure it would be the 800 part time employees leaving first, but really guys this is not a question of getting more volume, ups has :censored2: off so many customers from damage packages, OVER PRICED, of course the famous we dont want single customers, we only want the big accounts attitude, so remember ask your management team what they are doing to reach out to the residents, not just the buisnesses
  10. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    I agree. After being back in the unload I am shocked at how many damages I am seeing everynight. The way these feeders are loaded now is a joke. No more wall building, just dump it all in and let the next guy worry about it. And what's the deal with 50 and 60lb packages on the top of the pile, while those 2lb amazon boxes are getting destroyed on the bottom????? DMP has been busy lately here, they must be running out of new boxes to re-package all these damages! :dissapointed:
  11. edd_tv

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    we got the paper and marker display showin how much we are off from last year. then followed that with the you need to turn in sales leads while you are running an extra 40 miles cause we cut the route next to you.
  12. Brown287

    Brown287 Im not the Mail Man!

    For years now weve been told that it is our service that will keep customers, well I'm here to say thats B.S. basically it comes down to loyallty. And customers have none and whats worse than that is that our enept sales departments are completely out of touch with the reallity that we face every day. Sales leads that take weeks to respond, customers that get the run around and then a revolving door of sales reps. Seems pretty clear to me why we lose customers. They say get new customers, I say first we need to learn how to keep our current ones. But what do we know being just drivers, were merely just the boots on the ground.
  13. 959Nanook

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    Granted he may have had a cavalier attitude; however, he suggested a hypothetical 33% reduction in profits. A 33% reduction in profits would not lead to laying off 33% of the workforce (or at least should not unless there is something else fundamentally wrong with the company).

    Fortunately, my center is not feeling the effects that other centers seem to be experiencing. Our center manager would probably get a laughed at if he tried to suggest that our driver's job depended on sales leads; however, I could see that sales leads on our end would help ever so slightly for some fellow UPSer on the receiving end.
  14. UPS Lifer

    UPS Lifer Well-Known Member

    You are very astute in your analysis! The word you will hear is "churn". This is the amount of customers that leave a company and go elsewhere for whatever reason. If you can spend your energy to keep a customer you are better off than trying to replace that customer. It takes somewhere between 3 and 10 times the effort to replace the business. (I may be low on that figure)

    You do have to continue to get new customers but you really need to look at reducing the churn. If you can reduce the churn (keep customers) it has an exponential affect on your overall market share based on the effort it takes to get a new customer rather than keep one.

    The average customer has approx a 10 year lifespan... A business development person may have updated info on this that I don't have as i write this.

    It has been proven from customer response that the customer's UPS driver has the most influence on their "loyalty" as a UPS customer.
  15. HazMatMan

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    Ah yes, all this carelessness with the packages, crushing them, breaking them, making them leak is my dream come true. One man's stupidity is another man's treasure. (I made that up) Do the apostrophes belong there? I don't want to be reprimanded for my spelling again..
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    3 strikes, YOUR OUT!!!!!!:peaceful:
  20. come to our hub, we overload the belts so much we can hardly keep up with the rewraps. They really don't seem to get it. They sure as hell complain when the wrap table is full, course we I tell them why I get "that doesn't happen, you always have an excuse..." too bad my excuse is always something that is backed up by fact (even pictures now too cause I'm so sick of their BS), not the fabricated "facts" they use on us. Course then we get about 5 grievances for retaping boxes because they're too cheap to hire someone for that position again. I have been grieved before, I don't blame them, but I have to follow orders as well.