Out of shape. Should I wait?

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  1. memphis12

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    Hi, I'm interviewing for the Package Handler position and I've heard it's very physically demanding. I'm really out of shape right now. Not "size" wise, but I've been bumming it out for the last few months and I've done no exercise. Is it a situation I can work myself into shape, or is it so extreme that I might need to hold off until I get in some type of shape ?
  2. Anonymous 10

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    Just busy your as for thirty days and then your in the union.
  3. splozi

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    When I started preload, I was out of shape in all aspects. Muscle, size, maybe even health.
    I have been working since last Sept, I've lost 30-35 pounds, and I feel a hell of a lot better than I did before.

    As long as you can put up with the bs, show up every day, and work, you will get into shape on your own.
    I'd recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever for the first couple months. Whichever one works for you.
  4. cachsux

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    Round is a shape. Just ask those clowns in the feeder department.
  5. menotyou

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    im buff and ruff and got no fluff. :rofl: I made myself giggle, again!!!!
  6. pickup

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    Hi, I am entered into a tri-athalon event , coming up in a few weeks. Should I try to get into shape or should I let the event get me into shape?

    What do you think the answer is?
  7. cachsux

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    Yea. All the toughness of an Oompah Loompah.

  8. splozi

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    UPS is not a competition.
  9. menotyou

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    Shhhh!!!! I have an image, ya know!!! Those 20lbs I've lost wasn't jiggly. But, I am giggly. Hehehehehehhee
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  10. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Oh, and height too.
  11. splozi

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    What about length?
  12. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    :rofl: Hey, now!! I think I have an inch or so on them!!!!
  13. cachsux

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    If you have any length there's going to be a whole lot of disappointed boys in the Cafe.
  14. menotyou

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    I just shaved, so I can attest to no length. Not even a length of hair. :winks:
  15. over9five

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    Yes, cuz we all know every Feeder driver is fat!

    Truth is, I'm seeing a lot more fat PC drivers now. They're all working a ton of forced OT so they're getting the exercise. Must be the stress!
  16. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    We have one driver that is as round as he is tall. I have no idea how he does it. The rest are in awesome shape. Nice and buff. I need to get back there. Soon!!!!! :rofl:
  17. splozi

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    Would you like a moist towelette?
  18. Earion

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    I was very out of shape when I took the package handler job right before peak (Christmas) 2011. The first month or two was brutal. I have worked a desk job for over 25 years and I am 48. I have never done a physical job before the most exercise I got was walking my dog. I don't smoke or drink but I do eat and was about 70-80 pounds overweight. I felt like I wanted to throw up the first hour of every shift. I was ribbed by the guys during every shift about how long it took me to unload a truck. After a couple of months, things got easier, I got stronger and had more endurance. Now, six months in, I feel great. Lost about forty pounds and I can lift a 150 pound irregular package by myself whereas in the beginning I would not touch anything over 75 pounds.
    What helped in the beginning:
    Chewing gum (sugar free) in the first hour of my shift, kept the feeling of needing to throw up away.
    Drinking a lot of water. Not soda, juice or sugar drinks during my shift. Now I drink Propel Zero. On really hot days I wear a camel back to keep the water close at hand.
    I do not eat anything two hours before my shift. No heavy foods five hours before shift. Well I do eat a package of belvita biscuits right before shift. (Belvita Hotels S�dtirol - beauty fitness wellness in alto adige suedtirol south tyrol).
    I paced myself, I think what other people say, it is a marathon not a sprint.
    I lifted safely at all times. It would be very easy to injure yourself in the beginning. Doing stretching exercises before working is very important.
    This part is overkill, but remember I am 48, older and my joints are older. I wear several protective joint coverings while I work. Specifically: Elbow tendon wraps (��Elbow Support with Pressure Pads),
    wrist wraps,(any kind would do)
    Male compression shirt (this provides vital support to my back and my belly which is still fat... Holds my core stable)
    (Amazon.com: Underworks Mens Microfiber Compression Tank 3-Pack: Clothing)
    Lower back support belt
    Knee wrap.

    Again, those support things are probably overkill, but with additional weight, there is a lot of stress on joints. The support wraps really helped and still help me stay healthy and safe while doing this very physical job.

    I say go for it. It was the only way I was able to get in shape and get on top of my health. Nothing my doctor said influenced me. This job got me in shape and got me to pay attention to my health.
  19. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Not yet. :winks:
  20. brownlaso

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    Stay hydrated and take the stairs. Not to mention monsters and rockstars are addicting. = ]