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    My ups history
    I worked last peak as a driver.
    Worked hard and was put on rehire list to be the 1st rehire for preload. I called in every week for 4 months like the on roads asked me too. I found out 2 weeks ago that my center had worked the inside list ratio and it was time for an outside hire for a FT driver. Their were a few PT sups up for the job, but they decided to give it to me. It’s the first real outside hire in my center in 8 years. I go to Intagrad again on May 6th

    I’m wondering if I will be at the old contract rate or the new? I think the old starting wage is $18.75 and the new is $21.00?

  2. You will be under the new contract rate as soon as the contract gets ratified
    But you will probably be a 22.4 driver

    Anyways congratulations
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    Our center won’t be using 22.4s from what my on road said.
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    Oh that’s good because on road sups neveeeeeeer eveeeeeeer lie.
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  5. So they have Saturday ground?
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    No. Just Air.
  7. Then you might luck out and not be a 22.4
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    Filling a FT driver position that was vacated from a retirement
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    Don’t hit anything and be prepared to write a letter stating what a great place to work ups is.
    Don’t forget to mention how helpful your management team was toward your success
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    The question is, are you getting that retirement route?
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    Well my on roads did get me the job so.... I am grateful. I do know they went out in a limb to not hire PT supervisors as I’m the first actual outside hire in 8 years.
    I’m well aware of the issues at my center. My deal is to shut my mouth and do my job while minding my own business.
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    Once you qualify take your lunch, don’t say the job is easy or not that bad, don’t sort your load in the morning, you’ll fit in in no time. Takes about three years before the inside guys stop treating you like a dick.
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