Over 1,400 Ballots Were Requsted by Local 89 TODAY!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Hoffa SUX, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Local 89 in Louisville sent a request for 1,400 new ballots via fax at 12:00 pm today. These were the amount of members that had not received their ballots as of today. Embarrassingly, the IBT sent the wrong ballots to the members of Local 89 not once, but twice and in some instances a third time. It is no surprise that the IBT had something up their sleeve with this action. Do to the IBTs screw-up, Local 89 members were given an extension to submit their votes. Originally the extension was set for June 22, but after the second and third screw-ups they've been extended to the 26th. Local 89 is home to 8,800 UPS Teamsters, the largest UPS Teamsters local and the leading local of the "Vote NO" movement. Their Local 89 Air Rider is sure to be defeated overwhelmingly.

    In 2007, a total of only 2,424 Local 89 member voted (less than a quarter); 1,664 YES, 760 NO.

    Other locals nationwide have been experiencing similar problems with ballots. Members have been requesting thousands of ballots nationwide, not once, but up to five times and they have yet to receive their ballots. Is it that replacement ballots have surpassed the numbers the IBT expected? Its NO surprise the IBT knows that those replacement ballots are NO votes.

    Rank-and-file members nationwide have begun organizing to file charges against the IBT if the election is lost.

    In 2007, approximately 70,000 members voted. Its been estimated that anything over 90,000 votes would easily defeat this substandard Tentative Agreement. The IBT is praying for a low turnout.
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    In what specific ways does the IBT benefit from a YES vote?

    Why this TA was unanimous approved is still beyond me. Stink was going to tell me via pm but never got around to it. Sounds like a secret.
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    Where is Stink, anonymous, Hoaxter and everyone that supports the most regressive TA in the history of UPS Teamsters? The truth is the truth and in So Cal hundreds are waiting for their ballots! Oh Local 89 is too.
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    Try again MR Misinformation,

    You are late to the game since Stink and 407 have been accusing me of not supporting the TA.
    I must be doing something right since both sides accuse me of supporting the other.

    I simply point out alternative visions and versions and I point out business realities.
    I try to give readers here more information so they can make up their own mind ... unlike some others who try and beat people up to force them with their own opinion.

    Now it is time for one of my observations:

    Hoffa SUX will actually cause Teamsters to vote for the TA because they are repulsed by his bullying and acrimonious nature.
    ​Hell, he may actually be a Hoffa plant.
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    Once again that was a list of attendees they did not endorse anything they needed time to read it and take it back to the members. This was the IBT trying to skate the truth after members turned on them. Try and post something on the IBT various boards and if negative no reply or removed. Censorship is alive and well at International.
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    I'm also beginning to have serious doubts regarding the integrity of the contract vote. Just received my 2nd ballot from the IBT last week, this one with a pink return envelope with my address label incorrect. Heard stewards were being sent ballots late from my co-steward (large center) who hadn't received any ballot yet. The only reason my latest ballot made it to me is because the mailman knows my correct address.
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    I turned mine in a week and a half ago and I voted YES.
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    I voted against the TA but all of the hyperbole describing it is getting a little old. This contract isn't a good deal by any stretch but neither is it "the worst of all time" nor did we get "sold out by Hoffa and hall." The worst TA of all time was probably proposed in the 1970's and led to a 3 month strike by Teamsters in the Eastern region closely followed by the "last, best, and final" offer that led to the 1997 strike.

    This TA gives up ground we shouldn't be conceding to UPS by any means but it certainly isn't the worst contract in our history.

    All that being said, the numerous ballot mishaps and cluster:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s should have never happened. The IBT is simply giving TDU more and more ammo with each report of an improper ballot and misprinted envelopes.
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    If the ta passes then hoffa will continue to receive his M.I.P. and ups stock awards...