The facts on how and why local 623 passed

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by anHOURover, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. anHOURover

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    first of all the local is ran by a crew of
    Nobody’s who won’t “undermine the IBT” Aka they do whatever the 80 year old layer says.
    Here’s some more facts

    623 leadership scared hundreds of members into voting yes by telling all that If the supplement don’t pass the first time we will all lose a part of our raise for the best five years in order to find a $6 million dollar pension shortage. We were told “if we vote yes the company will pay the pension fund the 6 million $”
    First of all this is ILLEGAL
    #2 part timers would never lose a part of their raise because they are not connected to our pension. Part timers in local 623 have a pension ran by ups and it’s about 100% funded.
    #3 if a supplement gets voted down you are supposed to go back to the table and not tell use we are losing part of our raise.

    the company and union worked together and hired busloads of new employees and walked the NOT YET TEAMSTERS through the voting process. Yes they voted and they are not even members.
    I’ve had part time sups come up to me and show me their ballot

    Another fact
    Hundreds said why vote after what the same people did to us 5 years ago by imposing an unwanted contract.

    I could go on all day but those are some of the facts of local 623
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  2. Coldworld

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    Need to get a bigger bullhorn bro.... and maybe a pair of stilts ???
  3. burrheadd

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    Thought you had this under control
  4. anHOURover

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    My bullhorn is huge.
    I don’t need stilts.
    I got a few inches on the Boston bully Sean.
  5. Box Ox

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    (Googles Local 623)
    (Sees they’re out of Philly; home of the Eagles fan)

    Sounds about right.
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  6. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall donut!!!

    Lol... that’s actually pretty funny... sometimes you do have a sense of humor!!
  7. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Nobody cares
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  8. anHOURover

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    My guy


    enough said
  9. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Was Jumbo pushing a no vote?
  10. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Dumpster, INABAG

    I will say, these vote yes tactics were used at my local as well. Even though we are separate locals, I do beleive our pension funds are tied together (623+Metro Philly).
  11. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    I can't tell if you are intentionally lying.... or you're dumb enough to believe

    that cockamamie BS. Your Local had the lowest voting % in the entire country.

    I can't believe you have the audacity to try and insult BrownCafe with this crap.

    Face facts.... your Local is tired of you, and Dumbo.

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  12. DirtySouth

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    Didn't you attend and publicize the "Unite the Right" Rally in Washington DC, which was intentionally held on the anniversary of Charlottesville?

    Maybe the members in your local don't trust neo Nazi sympathizers. That's a FACT.

    You should probably do a little bit of soul searching.
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  13. Hub Rat

    Hub Rat New Member

    Had to make an account for this, so hey everyone!

    I'm also part of local 623 and the OP isn't entirely wrong with what he described happening.

    It's true that drivers were repeatedly threatened with losing their pension if they voted no. But this is only coming from the day side, which has very weak union representation.

    It is a shame that voter turnout was so abysmal, though. The IBT couldn't make it any easier. I guess the PTers figured they would get screwed anyway so why vote.
  14. Mooseknuckle

    Mooseknuckle Active Member

    Why do you guys call him the bully? Heard that several times on here. Need to learn more about who's running since we obviously will have a new president next election.
  15. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    I have plenty but here is one instance where he bullied and was convicted and suspended. In this video Sean makes threats at teamsters running for union office in Rhode Island. All they wanted to do was better their local and its their right . As it turns out Sean is now friends with the crew that he made threats against. ITS ALL POLITICAL WITH SEAN. He damaged everyone IN my local last contract by helping impose teamcare and a horrible contract. That was just 5 years ago. Sean also has a supplement that has PART TIME FEEDER DRIVERS! That wouldn’t even happen in my weak local. Enjoy the video below

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  16. Mooseknuckle

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  17. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    Weak Locals.... are the result of weak members.

    And Local 623 wins.