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  1. Coldworld

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    The computer now puts an "H" on all packages that are 70 lbs or over. Does anyone take credit for a package that is 70 lbs. The "H" on the package label tells us to be careful with this package but in the diad the spot for credit says "over 70"....so anything 71 and over. What do you guys and gals do. I know I am being super anal but this is the kind of work enviroment we work in, thanks ups. I have a pickup that ships many 70 lb packages and I would like to get credit but knowing ups they would fire you for being dishonest because its 70 lbs and not over 70. Mnnnn, then why dont the "H" show up on packages 71 lbs and over????:rolleyes:
  2. CFLBrown

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    70 and over. I'm not splitting hairs with UPS over 1lb. If you get anything it will be a warning first.
  3. scratch

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    The DIAD has a "Special Count" screen where you are supposed to enter these for extra credit. I don't ever use it, I'm not even sure which option covers 0/70s. It would seem that with all of our marvelous technology that it would immediantely go into the DIAD when you deliver the Package, and at Pickups, you would get credit when you scanned the Shippers End Of Day Report. But this doesn't happen, another area where those important "numbers" are looked over.:confused:1
  4. SmithBarney

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    Over 70 special counts will help your numbers(sporh) for the day.
    managers should embrace using these, as it helps their numbers as well.
    Granted over 70 should be programmed into the IZ, and automatically
    accounted for.
  5. MR_Vengeance

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    yeah this is the secret option that makes your sporh looks better.
  6. kuff

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    There is a place to post over 70's. Hit the special counts button and big arrow up and you will see it.:thumbup1:
  7. Fullhouse

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    If I see an "H" it goes to the over 70 slot! No ifs, ans', or butts about it.
  8. Cementups

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    With EDD as soon as you scan a package, instead of big arrow down right away, hit the "special" key. The very first and top thing that pops up is "O/70=". Enter your amount of packages there. (It is in the p/u screens as well). Then big arrow up to go back to the address screen then you can big arrow down and proceed with the rest of your delivery.

    tking credit for the O/70 does count against you final numbers and gives you extra time to cover haing to use your tools properly to handle such a package.
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  9. DS

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    This is a darn good question scratch .maybe someone out there knows what those options are for.I figured out the over 70 one but theres a few more I have no idea about.
    maybe its if you stop to pull a person from a burning car,help an old lady across the street,or spend 10 minutes on a possible sales lead...
  10. SmithBarney

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    Shouldn't be a secret, It makes your numbers more accurate not "BETTER"
    By saying BETTER it seems you imply its cheating the system, believe me
    use the tools your given.. BTW irregs(like long rolls of carpet get the over 70 treatment too.)

    But really its your sups that will reap the benefit.. They are the ones that get hammered for bad numbers... if their numbers look better, there is a better chance they'll keep off your back.
  11. DS

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    In my opinion ROLLS of anything are the worst...
    carpets wallpaper fabric...I hate them...I`d rather
    lug 70lb boxes of paper than rolls...
  12. upsgrunt

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    I may be wrong, but I use the over 70 on pkgs that are dimensional over 70 as well. It used to be that UPS would refuse packages that were too big.(remember the chains?) Now we take ANYTHING. It seems that lately I will get pkgs that are 4 foot tall and barely fit on the floor between the shelves. (Usually on the 7000 or 8000 shelf!) You know the ones that you basically have to drive to after your big bulk stop just to get out of your way. If this thing weighs 10 pounds, which just the cardboard does on that size, it still goes in as an over 70, just because of the awkwardness. I'm not trying to cheat anybody, but the size should also be considered when getting "extra time" when delivering a package. How long will it be before we are delivering full size refrigerators, or washers and dryers? IMHO size has gotten way out of hand at UPS. I'm sure the revenue is good, but damn, they have to remember we don't have fork lifts.
  13. faded jeans

    faded jeans Say WHAT again!

    What tools are you talking about?
  14. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    "Over 70 special counts will help your numbers(sporh) for the day."

    Special counts should affect your over/under. It will not affect your SPORH.
  15. disneyworld

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    Don't forget buckets.
  16. Coldworld

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    your getting off subject here. How many of you would take credit for a 70lb package when in the diad it says"over 70" meaning 71 lbs. Also I have never heard that we could take credit for an irregular in the over 70 space....hmmm interesting. Something I would like to see is a credit in the diad for having to load up your handtruck. This is a spot where drivers are always jipped time. The computer doesnt know if the driver has 6 2da letters, or 6 boxes of paper that need a handtruck, theres a big difference in delivery time here, but the allowance is the same for both situations. I believe handtrucking is why many drivers are so much over, that and bogus driving time between stops....and dont forget selection time. What is that now 8 seconds, ok try pulling a package loaded in the middle of a blown out p1000 and it be your first stop of the day, shelf 1...hmmmm its more like 15 minute selection time. Even with competition, it still seems like our trucks are still packed full. Its like anything else around here, our cars, buildings, they are just too full. And dont forget management, they are full too...you know full of (put in your favorite adjective):laugh: :laugh: :laugh: just kidding bow tie man..I mean tie.
  17. Coldworld

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    or would that be a noun. Hey we are only stupid uneducated truck driver scum teamsters...right!
  18. over9five

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    I take the over 70 special count for 70 lb packages. That's why the big H is there! I can't see the company worrying about that.

    I don't take it for irregulars, never been told to. I think that could be an integrity issue (unless you've been told to).

    Don't worry about it too much. I was told it adds 45 seconds to your day, so unless you have a LOT of over 70s it won't make a difference.

    Any IE guys care to comment on that 45 seconds??
  19. Coldworld

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    well, the company has made a big deal about 1 minute....or going to the bathroom, which takes 30 seconds and want the time put down for a break. Thats the problem with this company, you ask 10 supervisors a question and you get 10 different answers, then it always depend on how much they like you, then throw in the whole union thing...boy its never ending. Its pretty sad this is the kind of work enviroment we work in, having to worry about getting fired for being one minute off for a lunch or break...which leads me to my next question in another post for later.
  20. toonertoo

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    I use it and it seems to help my time. On a day when I have 15 at a pu, or 15 during the day, and Im thinking Im going to be 2 hrs late:w00t: Im only an hour, which is really scratch to me. We should get extra credit for dolly stops, and irregs, especially since they charge extra for stuff that is irregular, os1/os2/os3, or anything with an AH on it like a muffler system or motorcycle frame. Coz they know it takes longer, but they get the revenue we get nothing added to the day. Which is why you could have a truck full of quill, or a truck full of letters, and your day would be the same on paper. Which is why we know the numbers are bogus.