over worked as a preloader?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by quickspamcgraw, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I work a small preload sort in a small town. I am a very fast worker and it seems the rest of my co-workers are..well..not so quick and a bit older for that matter. I am literally depended on and taken for granted at times. Whenever our center falls behind I am basically sent in to take care of the problem. What are my rights here? I can scan very fast without flips, I can do a trailer with ****ty rollers (we don't have an extending arm) in around 35-40min. Our center is set up where the unloader and the 2 scanners are in the same area (very small). Today I decided to do our trailers, which is normal. Sometimes i'll do the bags as well or occasionally load a truck. Beginning of a work day and my 18 year old supervisor says hop over and scan. It's 4am so I shook my head no(I've been scanning for over a year).. "I'll do the trailer. This kid says scan or go home....???? I said peace!! can I get into trouble for this with my boss? He is the 1 who told me to leave, I wasn't refusing to do work, I only insisted I do the trailer. He is new and can't run our center correctly, being so young and arrogant. I'm sort of fed up with our management. When I scan I Over extend and my back is close to collapse a lot. since they know I'm quick they overload me and assume I can do it alone. when i'm in the trailer I get no help for the full 41/2 hours when others always get help NO JOKE. I know they take me for granted because they are sitting around drinking coffee and lounging like there on break. What am I entitled to do? I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me because I know other people have it worse but wouldn't this piss you off too??
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    Management can be incredible frustrating. They do not appreciate it when someone is a hard worker, your only reward is more work. If I were you I would work as directed, not following management can get you fired. If they continue to have you scan and it hurts your back tell them and if they wont move you get a doctors note saying you cant do that job. Also, it is my opinion there is no reason to work your ass off because it is not appreciated, it only results in you getting less hours and more work, I work work at the same speed as everyone else.

    Good luck
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    If you want to do a specific job and have the seniority, then remind your supervisor of article 22.4 (preferred jobs). I work in a small building too, and that is how we do it here, your local may be different. Another thing would be to work at a safe, steady, pace. If preload doesn't make their numbers, who cares, you get paid by the hour.
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    I think it's just a safe assumption that no matter what job we are doing for this company...some of us are going to get overworked *shrug*
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    So if he denied me of this then i'm entitled to a grievance? i already contacted my union guy. He says i should be fine and he's got my back. i am forced to over extend and do others jobs and our supervisor works in place of other workers at times. I'm going to get these guys.
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    Before you start lighting fires make sure that you have the water to put them out if they get out of control or you might get burned. I would read your local rider for yourself and see what it says. I know in my building when you work PT they can move you anywhere they want at anytime since everyone starts at the same pay no matter what job they are working everyone is started at skilled pay.
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    Ask to be transfered to the job you prefer and cite this National Master language:
    The general rule is you must "Work As Directed," (unless the instruction is unsafe.) Normally you can't refuse to work, even if the instruction is dumb or unfair. If a Contract violation is involved, the rule is "Work Now, Grieve Later."

    If you experience significant back pain, ask to fill out an injury report. This will begin to document the problem, which will probably get worse as time goes on.

    Talk to your Safety Committee about redesigning the scanning job so you are not working outside your Power Zone. Like they say, Avoid End-Of-Range Motion.
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    Simple answer:

    time to take a stand. slow down, work safely. do not care about the operation. If your management does not care about you , why do you care about them?

    Just go in, do your job, work as directed, don't try to be a hero (notice you are alone trying to be a hero getting paid less than most) keep your mouth shut and go home.
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    welcome to ups!
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    I would have thought so. Didn't we all start as preloaders? Or at least in some sort of building function and work our ways up? I don't think he's any different than the rest of us, except maybe for that belly.:wink2:
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    From my understanding, I thought once you were in a skilled position, they cannot put you anyplace else. They tried making me stack from unload when I started, and was told that they can put you anywhere they wish, unless you are skilled...
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    Here is the deal . You need to work as directed.i.e.go where you are told. Work as fast and safe as accuracy will let you. You cannot be disiplined because of numbers unless they are mistakes. If the sup tells you to work in a particular place you need to do that,but if he says you need to do more and you cannot just smile and say " I'am doing my best".
    Welcome to UPS
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    In my building, if we are a skilled position we can still be moved to any other position, assuming we are qualified for it. However, if the move is from skilled to unskilled and the person did not request it, they are still payed the extra dollar premium.
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    I've noticed this very long ago. If you are a top notch worker you're placed in situations comparable to your skill level and of course they fail to realize that at times you do need help, you arent "there" 100% 5-days a week, and you do it not for their benefit but because you are a team player.

    I'd pace myself more often if i were you. Like the one guy said, unless your only issues is mistakes, work at your own pace. There is something always "wrong" when you're performing below your usual capabilities.

    Screw that! I kick it into high gear in short burst when needed, otherwise, i've learned to pace myself.
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    I feel your pain. It is a good idea to pace yourself. (By the way what do you mean by your co-workers are not so quick and a bit older?? I scanned with a so called "older" co-worker who was on "light duty" because of a surgery for a hole in his heart and didn't want to quit working. He put all of us scanners and sorters to shame. . .I felt like a bit of a "Pansy" next to him and I am pretty sure he was glad to get back to "loading"). Good luck in standing your ground with management.