Overloaded with pickups, need advice

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by YoungDriver84, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. YoungDriver84

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    I've been overloaded with pickups for a while now and it seems like every month i get a new p/u account with a severely limited time constraint to complete all my pickups. I have 36 so far and have to have them all picked up in a little under 2 hours. I inform management of this problem for months now and they don't seem to care. So everyday i end up showing up late to a few pickups and the next day im forced to sign a pickup compliance report that shows i picked up after the +/- 15 minutes window. Im barely able to complete my pickups in the proper time and now today was the last straw. I received a message from the center manager saying that at this one pickup i have to individually scan each package when i load them even though i argued the point that they have an end of day report to scan. This doesn't matter he says and that i still have to scan them all, keep in mind that this pickup has somewhere between 40-80 pieces at any given time. Now im going to be even further delayed in making my pickups and they just don't seem to care when i tell them i can't handle all these pickups. Plus the next day im always harrassed and forced to sign the pickup compliance report because its obviously my fault that i keep showing up late to these pickups.

    What can I do about this, I need some advice please and thank you
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Ask your PDS to adjust the commit times in your pickup log.

    Why in the world does your center manager want you to scan all of the packages at that one pickup stop?
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    you dont have to sign that son..you know that right?
  4. YoungDriver84

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    i've asked them to fix my commit times since the beginning of the year and nothing has happened yet and my pickups are constantly moving around into different buildings in the same area so just as i keep getting new pickups, i have to keep asking to fix the commit times for businesses that moved and i have to get to them later.

    My center manager didn't explain that fact of scanning the packages, whenever i argued the point of only having to scan the end of day all i got was that I was to do as am i am instructed. this is so stupid
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Are you a FT? If you are then you do this. Document that you advised your center manager that are unable to complete the pickups within the given time. Next day before picksup (at least an hour) send message "I am unable to complete my picksups in time. Please advise." if they don't help you then take your time and be late for your pickups. When center manager goes to shows you your pickup times ask for your union rep. If he ask you to sign anything refuse to do so. Then repeat this from step one and within a few weeks it should be fixed.
  6. brownmonster

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    Remember, the pickup compliance, while touted to be a service to the customer, can be adjusted as needed to make someone look good on a report.
  7. YoungDriver84

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    Believe me i've tried not to. But in a center as small as mine, only 30 drivers, they will hound me everyday and force me to sign it
  8. Indecisi0n

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    No they will hound you but they can't force you to do anything. YOU decided to sign it.
  9. YoungDriver84

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    Yes, im Fulltime for almost 7 years now and had this same route for almost 5. And thanks, I will try your advice tomorrow.
  10. GolfCart

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    sign NOTHING but DOT stuff , and do your job . Tell your distpatcher that you need to change times in board , let him change them , then NEXT week CHANGE them AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!! :panicsmiley: Tell him they change EVERY day because you have to MANY !!!! That will give him grief , and you could atleast smile .
  11. Indecisi0n

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    At the end of the night ask for a printout of you DIAD messages. This shows you gave them a heads up you couldn't make the pickups. The messages need to be printed that same night or they get erased.
  12. YoungDriver84

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    I usually write, signed under protest, on it when i do sign it. They tell us that this paperwork is just to inform us that we were late. But i believe they are building a paper trail to use against us in the future. Say i get into an avoidable accident and they happen to bring up all the paperwork that shows late air i delivered or late pickups, then they use it to fire me. Oh and when the airplane is late and we get late air in after 11. Then tell us to deliver it late and the next day still make us sign paperwork that says we delivered air late. What the heck is up with that?!
  13. Indecisi0n

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    ^^^ like said above. Never sign anything. I learned this while I was still casual.
  14. GolfCart

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    Print name , RTS , under protest .

    Good point ! Send messages everyday at pick up times , I could have late pick up commit times because of 36 pick ups in 2 hr window !
  15. menotyou

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    I did about 15 more than that on the last route. But, it was only with in a 15 mile area.
  16. gostillerz

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    Don't sign anything. Do what Goochy said if you have to. I do 25 pickups in 2 hours, and they're spread out. Unless I start at the beginning of the 15 min deal, it's impossible. Today, I had an OCA, whatever they call it for 50, 40lb boxes in the middle of my pickups. Called my sup and the center manager 3 hours early to tell them there was no way I was getting this done in between my 1620 and 1622 pickups (which are 10 miles apart). They said they'd get me help. They pulled half of my pickups put of my board after I already did them. Then they wasted more time when I asked the to put the stops back in.

    The only thing I'm good at is pickup compliance. If you told them it can't be done, and they wont fix it, it's on them, not you.
  17. soberups

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    Time to put the big boy pants on and learn to ignore the hounding. They are screwing you because you let them. Dont sign anything, follow the methods, work safely, and allow the pickup route to fail.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The thing is the pickup route itself is not failing. The packages are being picked up (and scanned for some reason) and the customers are happy. The only fail is the metric is not being met. Complete the stops as you do them and I assure you that your mgt team will adjust the commit times.
  19. Bubblehead

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    This cracks me up!
    How do they "force" you to sign?
    I believe some people could actually be held up through the mail.
  20. barnyard

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    Everytime you are asked to sign, you need to ask for your shop steward. Make sure that all of this is on the clock and that you and the steward spend at least 5 minutes discussing why you should not sign. Let your shop steward know in advance that you intend to ask for him/her so that he/she is prepared.

    I would imagine that they are currently asking you to sign these papers before you are punched in. Absolutely do not sign in until after start time or ask if they would like you to start early.

    Other than that, Indecision has given you some fantastic advice. Follow it.