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  1. disneyworld

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    I just recently bid a FT inside job.I just want my 8 hrs and go home. Anyone know what the language is for overtime inside the building? Is it forced/mandatory?
  2. retired2000

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    my last 2 years i worked in our hub and the sups would send us f/t 's home right at 8 hrs. they would have the part-timers stay and finish up. now if you want to stay you have the right to.
  3. Joopster

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    I thought fter's could only stay if the pter's were going to get overtime...

    Our FTers go home after 8 every night, unless it's peak....or they ABSOLUTELY need someone...

    I guess I don't really know for sure because I haven't read the contract for this...
  4. brett636

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    Thats the way it is in my hub. From the end of peak till mid-spring they try to get the combo workers out right at 8 hours; mandating little to no overtime for them. That usually screws us part-timers over because that shorts us people right as the night starts getting heavy for that final push to get things done.
  5. tieguy

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    Generally the rule is you go home once you complete your work assignment.
  6. PTSUP85

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    At my hub im a Part Time Supervisor and we are not allowed any overtime what so ever! If there are some things that need done after our 5.5, we still have to stay, but we dont get paid for it! We still have to clock out as if we worked 5.5 and no more.
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    dude, are you f-ing stupid? slavery in this country ended in the 19th century.
  8. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    1 good reason to stay out of mangement...:thumbup1:
  9. disneyworld

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    Define my work assignment. Is it at 8 hrs or when the work is done?
  10. Keepingthemhonest

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    When the work is done as long as you have completed your 8 hours :)
  11. trickpony1

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    Good job!
    You may have rendered Tieguy speechless.
  12. Jaker1968

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    we have a pending Grievance that's due for arbitration regarding this matter; The Company is trying to send full time 22.3 people home at 8hrs, and keep part time people in same work area even if they also have 3.5 guarantee. Ant info in other areas of Country would be appreciated...
  13. blue efficacy

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    Unless those part timers are getting over 5, the grievance is groundless.
    I've seen similar situations in the load walls where they have stagger start times, if someone starts 15 mins before others, and theyre at 5, and theres less than 15 minutes of work left for the others, the guy has to go home at 5, even if he is highest seniority. The union steward confirmed this for me.
    Number two has a right to five hours before number one can get over five. If that makes sense.
    This is done to ensure hours are distributed at least somewhat fairly. For instance, what if the supe was friends with the number one seniority guy, he could say he only needs one when he knows there is plenty of work left. No 1 guy wants massive OT, and gets it, at the expense of every person below him who under normal circumstances should be allowed to stay and help finish up.
    Two people get five hours rather than one getting, say, six, and another getting four.
  14. tieguy

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    Why's that because I didn't stay up all night and wait for the next question?

    Disney both within your work area. They generally try to chase combos out in 8 hours. Full time sorters within their work area. Once we start scaling back the senior guy has the choice of staying or going. Once your work is done you generally don't have the rights to overtime in any other area of the building unless its offered in seniority order to the entire building.
  15. disneyworld

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    Thanks,that's what I'm looking for.Like I said,I DON'T want the OT.
  16. true_1_ace

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    I dont think you can just pack up and go if you still have work to do though! but if you do :thumbup1:
  17. teamsterdan

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    as a current 22.3 combo job holder this is how it works for us......myself because I am neither a slave to the job or the $$$$..........leave in 8hrs. regardless, this after several years of good faith attempts to "do the job right" for example the 2nd part of my combo is feeder wash....( I guess according to some all dirty tractors are to be done daily) by the time the pkg. drivers clear the wash area it's after 9am....my 8 are up by 12:30pm..
    and I still haven't had time for my 30 min. lunch so on a "good" day I have >3hrs. to wash @ last count 28 tractors...... according to my bean counter that allows me 6.4 MIN to attend to all the tractors........ in the beginning I would skip lunch because for me it's personal.... the drivers "know" who didn't wash their pig.......and I always felt that if @ the very least the driver could count on a clean vehicle daily it's one less problem for them....so if I could just work an extra 5- 10 min to get in an extra tractor or two that would be a good thing.....not so, I began to get diciplined for going as little as a min. over.......now in nearly my 8th yr.....UPS won....instead of the 10 - 12 tractors I washed daily ......on a "good day" I'll get 6, and NEVER skip lunch..... who wins that.....on the flip side the 2 other "knuckleheads" I work w/ who also have combo jobs do anything but their ASSIGNED/BID jobs.......I have seen them go from being ordered to leave after 8hr. no matter what.... to them being threatened w/ "job abandonment" if they don't stay over 8 and finish up.......I call them "knuckleheads" because if it were me (one of them is a steward,who CHOOSES to play the game because he needs/wants/ the OT $$$) I'd make them choose either way.... I absolutely will not stay for ot ever, and have a very active life OUTSIDE of work so in the end I win.... thanks to UPS....
  18. trickpony1

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    Don't worry about not washing all the tractors.

    A proud and conscientious feeder driver will take great pains in washing his own "pig" before he goes out on the road. It's not only a safety issue (bugs on windshield and dirty mirrors) but an image issue also (bad advertising going up and down the interstate).

    Safety has no time allowance.

    I would comment on your portrayal of management but everytime I do a couple of management posters feel the need to tag team me.
  19. over9five

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    "..the drivers "know" who didn't wash their pig."

    Trust me, we drivers would rather you take your lunch!
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    Whats an 8 hour day?