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  1. Douglas Brown

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    I am looking for any information about the older style P-800. This would be the truck with the higher entrance step, and the well in the back. Specifically, do these trucks exacerbate knee injuries?
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  2. helenofcalifornia

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    Why? How long have you driven?
  3. xkingx

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    3 point contact , hand rail

    our bldg has had them since it opened 20years ago
  4. scratch

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    I actually took a tape measure to work one day and measured how high off the ground the bottom step is on different type Package Cars. The new P7s are 14 inches, a P5 is 17 inches, and the P8 and P10s are 20 inches off the ground. While a couple of inches might not seem to be much, when you step off and on over a hundred times a day, it does wear out knees and feet over a period of time. I think all the P8s should have been scrapped years ago. I have seen a lot of injuries from these things over the years. The newer cars do seem to designed better, with lower ground clearence, power steering and brakes, and automatic transmissions.:thumbup1:
  5. DS

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    Douglas Brown,you must be a lawyer.
    Us drivers all know that the P-8 is hard on the knees.
    Are you representing a driver?
    Exacerbate would be an appropriate term to use in court.
    But profanity is not condoned here in the brown cafe`.
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    Shoulder injuries more like it on ours, the grab rails too high, my three oint contact is holding the wheel well, getting in and out. ;)