P/T Employee with employee stock, class A, easy to buy, how to sell?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have under 20 shares that I bought over the course of a year, back about three years ago. I was eligible to sell them back in August of 2010, so no shares are restricted. I did the monthly contribution until things got tight and I had to stop doing that. Now I have been getting hours cut left and right, and in the last three weeks was actually working only 2-3 days a week.

    I need the money so I can continue to pay my monthly bills until things get straightened out at work or until I can find something else P/T. I'm glad the money is there, I just can't figure out how to sell the shares.

    The trading window (not sure if it applies to me) is only open until the 28th of February. I logged in to Mellon investor, the equity access and was able to log in and all that but the only options that were really there were to change your monthly contribution. I have periodically spent time looking around for answers on this but haven't come across anything at all, no information that I could come by seemed to exist.

    I've tried doing the phone call and going through their UPS system but I can't seem to get logged into that system like I can online...

    Has anyone sold their shares before and can help me along in this process? Your help is very much appreciated!

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    You have to call Mellon Bank, I think it was last year that they changed there log in. Something user id, investor id, Just call and ask for supervisor, tell them the problem, I did it last year everything worked out good. goodluck
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    Correct, If you haven't been on the site for months there is a new login. You can get there from the UPSers website. Follow the directions from there to get your login. You can only sell your shares on a date that the market is open, and the sale must be completed 1 hour before the market does close that day.
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    You have to log on to mellon and dowload form 2011 to convert class A shares to class B shares. Fill out forms and mail back to mellon, address on forms. Once they recieve and process your request you can log back on and sell your shares. Make sure you fill out forms correctly, or they will send them back, and the process will take longer. Good luck
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    I never had to transfer my shares from A to B. That might be because I basically closed my account. I had no activity for 4 years, and sold all my shares.
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    Pretty sure you can find out all the info you need in the retirement subforum